SATs not required, but still taken during COVID-19

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, some (but not all) colleges aren’t requiring that students take the SAT.

At Souderton Area High School and other high schools around the country, some students are deciding not to take the SATs this year.
Even though some students believe that this is an opportunity not to take a test, others are deciding to take the SATs because it would still look good on college applications.
“I feel like it’s super important for colleges to see the SAT score and it can really benefit you if you get good scores,” junior Ava Blon said.
Although Blon hasn’t taken her SATs yet, she still plans to next year. “I’m currently planning on taking the SATs. I just haven’t because of COVID,” Blon said.
Another student who also hasn’t taken their SATs yet, but is still planning to is junior Halle Grubb. Grubb took the PSATs to get a sense of what the SATs were like.
“I think the PSATs are going to be helpful when I take the SATs. They have the same kind of questions so I’m kind of expecting a similar test,” Grubb said.
Even though both the students are planning on taking the SATs there are many students that already have taken them. Junior Anna Tevald has taken the PSATs and the SATs and is thinking about possibly retaking the SATs next year.
“While at some colleges the SATs are not required, it does still help your transcript and helps you stand out to admissions,” Tevald said.
Since Tevald took the SATs she also felt like she should be prepared for them. She thought she would end up studying more. “I only studied about two or three hours total a few days before the test,” Tevald said.
While Tevald only studied a few hours, Blon has been studying for a while and she hasn’t even taken the test yet. “I take a course on Khan Academy right now, but if I do bad on the SATs, I know I can take them over again to try to get a better score,” Blon said.
Blon wants to make sure she is very prepared for the test, but also doesn’t want to stress herself out. To study more Blon took the PSATs as well. “I took the PSATs and I think they’re definitely helpful because now I know what the actual SATs are gonna be like and I know what I need to study more,” Blon said.
Although Blon thinks the PSATs were helpful for her she said that “if the PSATs weren’t required I probably wouldn’t have taken them.”