Thumbs Up

Thumbs up to our administration:
Despite all of the difficult circumstances that the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon the school district, our administration has continued to handle it rationally and appropriately. Although administration tends to be blamed when things go wrong and overlooked when things go right, the readjustment the district has made in this difficult time is appreciated. The administration’s dedication to the continuity of education and community has shown through in various initiatives that have been taken. Although the 2019-2020 academic year surely has not been easy on our administration, having dealt with ransomware at the beginning of the year to needing to pivot to entirely virtual education, they have handled these challenges and persevered for the good of the district.

Thumbs up to students who readjusted:
Students were certainly not faced with an easy set of circumstances. From losing the end of their school year to adjusting to learning online, it has not been an easy change to make. Souderton had to grieve what was lost and simultaneously navigate the nuances of online learning. The cooperation, flexibility, and grit of Souderton’s student body is not something that can be overlooked. There is something to be said for Souderton’s ability to pivot this year. First it was pivoting with the ransomware and not having access to any technology in education, and now it is pivoting towards online school as we move entirely to technology for education. This has brought many difficulties to students as they have faced many of the same struggles that working from home has posed to those in the working world. Although it certainly has not been fun, there have been many lessons to learn and opportunities for growth.

Thumbs up to teacher appreciation:
Despite physical distance, appreciation for teachers has not been overlooked. Clubs and organizations have organized recognition for teachers. The hard work of teachers is also not to be overlooked in this hard time, as they adjust to teaching online. It takes a lot of work and planning for teachers to create a curriculum and learning environment completely online. Their readjustment and work with the administration is appreciated as are their efforts for continuity of education.