Sports networks air simulated games to keep fans entertained

By airing simulated games, sports networks are continuing to keep fans entertained during quarantine. Many networks have resorted to putting on tournaments and simulating matchups through their videogame counterparts.

In order to keep the public entertained during the quarantine, sports networks like the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network [ESPN] and the National Broadcasting Company [NBC] are airing simulated games.
Many teams have had their seasons cancelled due to the coronavirus, and many fans are without their regularly scheduled games. Networks have been airing older games and even specials on historic teams, but in order to provide fans with fresh new action, they have turned to game simulations.
With no real games and a lack of topics to cover, sports networks have managed to stay alive through the broadcast of simulated games.
Over the past month and a half, sports networks have had to get creative with the content they have to put out.
Without normal games filling time slots, many networks have resorted to holding tournaments and airing simulated games.
These games consist of simulated matches using a specific sport’s video game counterpart.
In April, ESPN aired an NBA 2k20 tournament with 16 NBA players who have the highest rating in NBA 2k20. The winner of the tournament received 100,000 dollars to go to a charity of their choice supporting coronavirus relief efforts.
In an interview with ESPN, 2K senior vice president said he was excited to bring basketball back to the fans around the world.
The NBA is not the only sport that is airing simulated games.
With the cancellation of the NHL’s 2020 season, NBC sports Philadelphia has been airing simulated Flyers games through NHL20 with a number of classic matchups to keep their fans entertained during this time.
Although they didn’t get the opportunity to beat them in a season game, the Flyers came out on top against the Penguins in their first NHL20 simulation winning six to four.
Even though the games are simulated, the network still chose to have a commentary team on hand to add more to the experience.
NBC’s very own Jim Jackson, Keith Jones, and Taryn Hatcher have been adding color commentary to the simulated games.
NBC is also trying to get fans more involved by letting them pick a couple of the matchups. Although simulated games have tried to provide fans with the same action as a live game, some fans believe it just isn’t the same.
Senior Eric Mawhinney says that he is disappointed because there won’t be a champion crowned at the end of the season.
“I’m disappointed that they canceled the sports season,” Mawhinney said. “There will be no champ crowned.”
Mawhinney also believes that there is no future for simulated games when regularly scheduled season games eventually return.
“I can’t see them becoming a regular thing, because us fans like going to the games and seeing the action live,” Mawhinney said. “It makes me appreciate the real games more.”