Senior starts the college process, finding it to be ‘overwhelming’

As her year progresses, senior Hannah Priller is finding her footing and begin to explore her career goals for the future.

Exploring her many interests, Priller prepares for the start of the college process as her final year of high school progresses.
According to Priller, as she is starting the application process, she’s thinking about her future and what she wants.
“Of all people, I have no clue what I’m going to do in the future,” Priller said. “My mom made a spreadsheet of different colleges, but I have no clue what I’m doing,”
For the past four years of high school, Priller has been involved in both marching band and concert band.
According to Priller, music is very much something she wants to keep in her life as she makes the transition to college.
“The colleges I’ve been looking at all have marching bands, so I’m hoping when I get to college I can still keep up with music,”
It is through marching band that Priller has made her best friends.
“Through band I’ve found my group of friends,” Priller said. “My friends are from marching band, because in the summer we spend like two weeks, five days-a-week from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.”
Last year Priller found her love for chemistry.
Priller said it is because she took AP Chemistry that she found her love for the subject.
“I kinda just took AP Chemistry because it was the next class, but afterwards I was thinking ‘Wow I love chemistry,’” Priller said,
In AP Chemistry Priller had teacher Christopher Luck whom she said was a mentor.
“For all of last year I would eat lunch in his room and just talk about things like college,” Priller said. “He gave advice and different perspective.”
Even with a focus in mind for college, Priller still views the experience as “scary.”
“The college search is terrifying. I was writing my essay, but it’s all over the place,” Priller said.
According to Priller, college is “scary” is because of the unknowns like meeting new people.
“In college if I’m not in marching band, it’s a little intimidating to think like how am I going to make new friends,” Priller said.
According to Priller it is her personality to adapt to any situation.
“Sometimes I’m outgoing, but at the same time not outgoing,” Priller said. “I’m laid back, but depending on the situation I know when to work hard and be loud,”
Priller said that her “goal” for the year is just to get through the application process and into a college.
“I just want to get in. Going to college is keeping me motivated, but after that I’m not sure,” Priller said.