Rock Band Club gives student musicians place to play

To provide students with an opportunity to play an instrument, Rock Band Club was started by band director Adam Tucker.

Meeting after school every Thursday and playing songs by various artists, the Rock Band Club allows students that have a passion for music to have a place where they can express themselves.
Students that participate in the club are not always as recognized as the students who participate in jazz and concert band.
“There are a lot of musicians in this school that play instruments that aren’t recognized by the normal concert bands and jazz band ensembles,” advisor Adam Tucker said.
The club is made up of students that either aren’t able to read music or don’t like reading music.
“A lot of these instrumentalists can’t read music and I wanted to give the instrumentalist an outlet where they can play and not need to worry about reading music,” Tucker said.
According to Rock Band Club president Eric Mawhinney, people don’t hear about a lot of schools having a rock band, but instead about the jazz bands and concert bands.
“It’s a different style of music because we don’t have rock here,” Mawhinney said.

The club provides students a place to play their instruments in school with being in the other bands.
”I play bass guitar in drumline and that’s really the only place I thought I could play bass but then Rock Band club came around and I thought ‘this gives me another opportunity to actually play’,” vice president Bella Maldonado said.
Tucker and Mawhinney visited Kutztown University last year and were inspired to start the club from the rock band performing at the event.
“Last year, for jazz band, we went to Kutztown University and they had a rock band there and they performed for us at the end of the day. Mr. Tucker thought it was awesome. He and I got together and formed the club,” Mawhinney said.
The club has instrumentalists ranging from guitarists, bassists and vocalists.
“I thought we would have more horn players like trumpet, trombone and saxophone, but we have a lot more guitars, basses and percussionists,” Rock Band Club secretary Jordan Taylor said.
According to Taylor, the club is “really big” and is “playing a lot.”
The club is growing so much that Tucker is in the process of getting the club to become a class, just like concert and jazz band.
“ We are actually actively working to get it into the school schedule next year. I’ve met with the curriculum council and the district office. We need an initial school board introduction,” Tucker said. “If everything goes well and the schedule permits, it will be a class next year.”