Local Sushi exceeds expectations

Far off from the shoreline, fresh sushi can be hard to find. Hidden gems throughout the Souderton area proved to outdo itself given the location.


***Full of flavor…**Plucking a california roll from the platter, Sushi lover Julia Vizza awaits a flavorful mouthful. The plate was filled with three sushi rolls from Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.*

Sushi is often expensive and hard to get right, especially far off from shore. The Souderton and surrounding area offer many delicious options, but the best is found at Tokyo Japanese restaurant in Skippack.
An intense search to find the best local sushi in Montgomery county resulted in the delicious trials of many different restaurants, including Joa Sushi, Assi supermarket, Henning’s Sushi bar and Tokyo Japanese restaurant.
Starting the sushi campaign off at Joa Sushi in Lansdale, the flavor profile fell nothing short of absolutely divine. We got the Mango California Roll, the Rainbow Road Roll and the tempura. Due to dietary restrictions, I only had the first two. The Mango Roll was incredibly flavorful and fresh, adding a sweet flavoring to the savory salmon roll. It was filling and delicious. The inside of the restaurant is welcoming and quiet.
The Sushi is made fresh and hand rolled. Upon arriving to pick it up, it was still rolled and wasn’t ready because it is made so fresh.
Joa Sushi: 10/10
Over in North Wales is a hidden gem of asian cultured stores. Assi Plaza is a korean supermarket that has a grocery, produce, live seafood, and a variety of meats. From Assi, we got a variety platter of sushi, including sashimi, California rolls and nigirizushi. The fish used throughout the platter was salmon, tuna, tilapia and eel. The eel is unusual to my taste, but delicious with a smoky flavor. The variety of California rolls adds a fun feel to a night with this platter.
My personal favorite is the California roll with salmon, avocado, and cucumber. The sashimi is well cut and very fresh. The sushi overall was very fresh, but not as fresh as Joa sushi. The establishment is much busier typically. Right next door to Assi is a delicious boba tea cafe, Kung Fu tea. A platter from Assi is a great way to treat yourself and a group of friends to a fun night of sushi.
Assi Plaza: 7/10
The next stop was Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. The atmosphere was calming and very mellow. The interior was beautiful and the sushi bar was exposed. The entrance was vibey, with a windy deck walk leading to a large door. Next to the deck walk was a Koi pond.
We got the rainbow roll, the leonardo roll, and the spider roll in addition to miso soup and a sushi appetizer. The rolls were served together on a beautifully put together platter. The sushi appetizer was fresh and had variety. The miso soup was flavorful and delicious.
The rolls were delicious and unique. The spider roll had a nice crunch with lettuce and the rainbow roll was a classic flavor combo.
The service was good, the sushi was flavorful, and the fish was fresh. The restaurant was outstanding and one of the best local sushi joints. It is a hidden gem in Skippack, tucked away behind shops and restaurants. It is the perfect place to kick-back with friends and enjoy some fresh, delicious sushi.