Souderton girls cheer despite pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many fall sports seasons were questionable including the cheerleading season. However, the cheerleaders were able to have a season that followed the pandemic guidelines and restrictions.


***Gooo Indians…**At their first suburban one district competition since COVID-19 the Souderton girls varsity cheer team runs through their floor routine. The competition took place on March 6 and this year it was held at Souderton Area High School.* *Reprinted with permission of LifeTouch Photo Company*

Last fall, many things were different including the regulations for sports teams. Many teams were restricted from playing in close contact and athletes had to wear a mask at all times. For the cheerleading team, all restrictions were applied which made practicing and competing very difficult. But, for team members, it made having a season even more special.
According to coach Racheal Renner, the season was very difficult and there were many things that had to be done to keep everyone on the team safe.
“Masks had to be worn and there was a lot of cleaning. We weren’t able to stunt at the start of the season and maintained six feet as much as possible,” Renner said.
Especially due to the pandemic, many large gatherings like their competitions had to be cancelled but throughout the season, the girls did get to have a few normal competitions.
“Many competitions were held in a virtual fashion, with teams submitting videos,” Renner said. “Thankfully our Suburban One & District competitions were able to be held in person.”
While cheerleading is often thought of as merely chanting at football games and basketball games, according to junior varsity head coach Jill Moyer it is much more.
“Cheerleading is about the crowd leading, spirit and encouragement on the sidelines, stunting during timeouts and helping their team win,” Moyer said.
According to Moyer, tryouts start in June and that prepares the girls for the upcoming fall season.
“We have tryouts in June, so the teams will be set while working with them over the summer,” said Moyer. “I am looking forward to working with the girls over the summer to start routine material much earlier.”
For junior Mackenzie Wilson, the season went well even though there were things they missed out on.
“This season went pretty well in my opinion considering we had to follow COVID guidelines,” Wilson said.
Although they got to have many competitions and get somewhat of a normal season, there were many things such as football games that the team missed out on.
According to junior Mia Bennett and Wilson, they are most excited for the football season next year because that was something they missed due to the pandemic.
“I love football season,” Bennett said.
For senior Kaiya Smith’s last season, things were very difficult. According to Smith, it was very hard to follow the regulations and wear a mask.
“It was just really difficult because with the masks we would get tired way easier,” Smith said, “but we were able to push through and it was a really good season overall,”
Smith does not have plans to continue her cheerleading career in college, but she is looking forward to coming back to Souderton and assisting with junior varsity practices next year.