What To Wear – Inauguration Day

To demonstrate commitment to the end of the political divide, attendees of the 2021 Presidential Inauguration arrived in style and sported outfits that represented their beliefs and desires. The event took place on the U. S. Capitol steps on Jan. 20, featuring many political figures and celebrity guests.

By sporting monochrome looks and bold statement pieces, the 2021 inauguration attendees flaunted their personal style and opinions through their garments while attending the inauguration on the U.S. Capitol steps.
With no red carpet events due to COVID-19, the 2021 Presidential Inauguration ceremony and its attached fashion statements were possibly even more exciting than a typical year. Many attendees came bearing more than clothes, expressing political messages through cloth.
Many of the ladies present chose to wear purple. The color, according to former first lady Hillary Clinton, was to symbolize the bipartisan that President Joe Biden hopes to establish. The purple is a representation of the mix of the two party colors, blue and red.
Another common theme was monochrome looks. This was inline with the previous seasons fashion trends. First lady Dr. Jill Biden wore two monochrome looks, one bird’s aquamarine and one cream. Her aquamarine outfit was worn at the swearing in ceremony and consisted of a tweed overcoat with a fur collar and matching dress beneath. Her gloves, shoes, and mask all coordinated and brought the look together effortlessly. Jill Biden looked put together and tailored to perfection.
President Biden’s granddaughters also sported monochrome looks. The three sported matching outfits in three different shades: white, tan, and blush pink. The three executed it perfectly, looking put together and proper.
President Joe Biden wore a Ralph Lauren suit that was simple and clean.
Senator Bernie Sanders’s outfit provoked the rise of a new internet meme. His casual coat and mittens look brought both sides of the party lines together to laugh about his adorable, grandfatherly look. Sanders’s mittens were from a small business in Vermont that makes sustainable garments.
Kamala Harris was sworn in wearing a purple monochrome look. While the color was a nice sentiment, Harris’s coat was an awkward length and looked overly intense paired with dark sheer tights. The sleeves were also too long, but the collar and underdress were elegant.
Former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama looked prim and proper in their outfits. They both looked well tailored. The former first lady wore a monochromatic maroon turtleneck and pant outfit with a matching floor length overcoat and black gloves. Her statement belt brought the entire look together, creating a powerful look. The former president wore a perfectly fitted black overcoat with a suit. His pants were a bit too long, but the frame of the suit prevented this from being detrimental.
Poet Amanda Goreman wore a long yellow jacket over a white dress shirt and black leather skirt. The outfit was accessorized with a red headband and matching mask. She wore a ring provided by Oprah Winfrey that was a tribute to former poet laureate poet Maya Angalou. The outfit was powerful and well put together, complimenting her message of success.
The national anthem was sung by Lady Gaga. Gaga wore a gown that had a black long sleeve bodice with voluminous red skirt. The look was paired with a large gold pin of a bird on her chest. Gaga, who typically sports more avant garde fashion, brought dynamicy and interest to the ceremony.
The event had all eyes on it for political as well as fashion. The undercurrent tones of the outfits promoted bipartisan and unity within the government, as well as a new era.