SHYBA and TYA basketball relationship continues to move forward

In their second season of play, Girls SHYBA and TYA teams have playoffs starting soon. Commissioner for the girls 14-18 age league, Henry Rodrigue says he considers the play between the two leagues a success.

Due to low attendance numbers, Girls SHYBA has partnered with TYA (Towamencin Youth Association).
After being contacted by the TYA via an “out of the blue” phone call, Commissioner Henry Rodrique had to present the idea of interleague play to the SHYBA Board of Directors.
“It was interesting timing because over the two years prior SHYBA had four to six teams prior so we survived and thrived on our own” Rodrique said.
Regardless, Rodrique said the idea was approved by the board of directors.
“We launched it about a year ago and we think it has been highly successful,”
Rodrique said. Rodrique said he thinks the players enjoy the interleague play.
“ I think the girls enjoy playing against more teams,” Rodrique said. “If you are playing for a girls SHYBA team, we only have 3 teams,”
Rodrique says that because of the fact that the season is a total of 14 games, you would be playing the same teams three to four times.\
With play between SHYBA and the TYA, each SHYBA team will play each other twice, along with playing a TYA team twice.
As the commissioner, Rodrique says he is responsible for the continuation of SHYBA and the TYA’s relationship.
To achieve this Rodrique, works with the schedule and facilities coordinator Tony Monico to make up the schedule and find places where the teams can play.
“I have a very close working relationship with him,” Rodrique said.
TYA team one coach Sandra Hawley says the play between the two leagues is a good thing,
“It’s great to give the girls more exposure to other teams and to see how both organizations work together really nice,” Hawley said.
According to Hawley, the league has a bright future moving forward.
“I definitely think it is going to continue to grow and I think that it is going to give the girls the opportunity to continue to play who normally would not be able to play because there is not a league around,” Hawley said. Our league and league does have a lot of teams as well as SHYBA does not have a lot of teams so when we work together I think we have a better opportunity.”
TYA team one’s record is 9-5. They are preparing for the playoffs and a chance to get to championship Saturday. The championship, which is held on Saturday March 21, is played between the winners of SHYBA and the TYA.
Senior Cassie Rodrique, who plays for the Girls SHYBA travel team, also thinks positively of the interleague play.
“I have actually really enjoyed it. We really needed it because the girls attendance and participation at this age level, so it was a good idea to merge the two leagues because it is not like the same three teams are playing each other all over again,” Cassie said,
Cassie said she thinks the interleague play is more interesting. “It’s been cool because you get to play against girls you have never played against before so it makes each game new and exciting,” Cassie said.
According to Cassie, playing against a TYA team brings the “more competitive” side of basketball, rather it being more lighthearted and fun.