Working hard while keeping safe

By getting jobs, Souderton students are making money but they still have to be safe during the pandemic.

To make money, students are getting jobs during Covid. Some students just want to make some extra cash and others have a specific reason for why they have jobs.
Students in the Souderton Area School District are being extra cautious because of the pandemic while they are at work.
“My parents are worried about the virus, but believe that I know how to take care of myself and trust I’m not going to shake anyone’s hands or do something like that to catch the virus,” junior Halle Grub said.
Even though most parents are worried about the safety of their children because they are working during COVID-19, they are still pushing their children to learn the responsibilities of having a job.
“My parents were happy I got a job. I also have gotten my Covid vaccine while working at Peter Becker Community because it is considered a mandatory job,” junior Logan Ulmer said.
Along with the nervousness of working during Covid, some students are just nervous to be working.
“I’m still in training, so not very long. Only about a few months, two at most. It’s been stressful learning all the different jobs I have to do,” Grub said.
Grub works at McDonald’s and has just started her job recently, but sophomore Marvin Melendez has been working at McDonald’s for two years now.
This was a big transition from before and during Covid for Melendez. “So when Covid started it was definitely all new. We had the inside closed, only the drive-thru was open, fewer customers were coming and people’s hours were cut,” Melendez said.
Even though it was difficult for everyone to get used to the new way of working during COVID-19, after all this time people who work at McDonald’s have finally started getting used to it. “Now everyone has gotten used to what we have to do every day, we try to make the best out of every day,” Melendez said.
While Grub recently started her job at McDonald’s, junior Makenzie Wilfong started her job at Wendy’s. These two juniors have very similar jobs. “I normally make fries, take cash, prep food, grill, clean, almost everything possible mattering on who’s there,” Wilfong said.
Wilfong has been working at Wendy’s for five months now. Wilfong decided to get a job because she “just wanted some money to buy stuff [she] wanted.”
Even though Wilfong does not have a specific reason why she got a job, other students in Souderton do. “I needed money for car insurance,” Ulmer said.
Even though all the students have jobs to make money, they are still very cautious about COVID-19 and are trying to be extra safe because they are working and seeing many people at work. “Everyone respects each other and wears masks and keeps distance, “ Ulmer said.