Field hockey captains leave lasting impression

Senior captains impact players of all ages after starting varsity all four years of their high school field hockey careers. This impact will be remembered by all of the varsity team for years to come.

Through their hard work and passion for the game, seniors Courtney Kenah and Anna Gwiazdzinski are both continuing their field hockey careers at The University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University, respectively.
Both Kenah and Gwiazdzinski have been four-year varsity starters at Souderton and have made a deep-rooted impact on their coaches and teammates.
According to head coach Sue Casciato, the choices for captains were so clear, the team didn’t even vote.
“I just kind of appointed two people who are both four-year year starters in field hockey and they were just natural leaders. I’m pretty sure that is who their teammates would have selected.” Casciato said.
According to freshman Angela Borisow, the girls are great role models and they “show and give everything they have at practice.” They have helped her adjust to moving from middle school to high school.
“You can see [them] in the hallway and you are always able to say hi to them,” Borisow said. She stated it also helps her to see familiar faces around school.
Borisow is not the only athlete that has been affected by these two seniors. According to junior Kate Martin, Kenah and Gwiazdzinski have taught her many life lessons, as well as made her a better player.
“They’ve taught me how to become a better leader and how to make sure everyone’s involved and everyone’s participating and just all around how to make everyone more involved and happy.” Martin said.
Martin also added that they have taught her how to “always give 110 %” and to not give up. They have taught her to “keep her head held high,”especially when she makes mistakes.
With this being only Martin’s first year as a full time varsity player, she feels honored to have had the experience to play with players like Kenah and Gwiazdzinski.
Another athlete that’s game has been affected by Kenah and Gwiazdzinski is sophomore Reiley Knize.
According to Knize, her favorite part about playing a varsity sport is not the recognition, or getting to leave school early, but the people she gets to play with.
“I’m playing with seniors that are going to [Division One] colleges and it is helping me get better because they are giving me insight on what to do.” Knize said.
In addition to their teammates, they have also had an effect on Casciato. According to Casciato, Kenah and Gwiazdzinski are part of the reason they have been successful this season.
“We have some very talented seniors and they’re part of the reason we are being so successful this year; because they are also very good leaders,” Casciato said.
As the season wraps up, Kenah believes the team has a chance at competing for the conference title after she scored the game winning goal in overtime against Central Bucks East High School, who they have lost to “countless times.”
Kenah recalls that it was “a big deal” to win that game, and it was her favorite memory from her whole high school field hockey career.