Thumbs Down

**Thumbs down to mask sweat:**
With having to wear a mask eight or more hours a day, everyone has been experiencing a little (or a lot) of mask sweat. Whether you just got out of a gym class or have fallen victim to the hike up to the third floor, you’ve probably dealt with this, too.
To make matters worse, all this moisture is causing break-outs galore. As if teens weren’t already prone to acne, now we have to look out for “mask-ne.”
For the time being, remember this: a little discomfort and a couple of pimples for now makes for a safer, healthier future tomorrow.
Stay safe, Souderton, and remember to wash your face.

**Thumbs down to sneezing and coughing in a mask:**
With the amount of time that everyone spends wearing their masks, it’s hard to avoid a stray cough or sneeze throughout the day. Let’s face it: coughing and sneezing in a mask is gross.
We’ve all been there, right? You’re sitting in class or shopping in the grocery store when you start to feel a sneeze coming on or a cough building up in your chest. There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to hide so what do you have to do? Sneeze and cough in your mask. Yuck!
There’s no good solution for this, seeing as sneezing and coughing into the air around you is harmful to others. So, until we’ve finally all trained ourselves to never cough or sneeze, we guess that we will just have to stick with routinely changing and regularly washing our masks.