News Byte: Greenhouse gears up for a new school year

In order to sustain the high school’s greenhouse, contributors hope to sell the plants they grow this year.


Going Green…Discussing plants, Greenhouse Grower advisor Kimberly Wilson (left) and member Ally Pham pot new plants. The Greenhouse Growers club started in 2019. Photo reprinted with permission from Ally Mahoney.

To grow and sell a variety of plants, the greenhouse organizers are doing research and buying seeds to meet demands.
The goal of the greenhouse is to produce plants that can be sold in the community.
Contributors have been very busy this year, according to science teacher Ian Burley.
“We’re working on getting the Nitrogen cycle going for the new aquaponics system,” Burley said, “which is all chemistry lots of time.”
Along with the new aquaponics system, Burley said that they’re, “buying plugs, small plants that we buy after they’ve sprouted.” The greenhouse contributors hope to sell these plugs once they’re fully grown, according to Burley. “We grow them even bigger so we can sell them,” Burley said.
This year, the greenhouse and its contributors are hoping to hold a Christmas sale, including a variety of herbs and flowers.
“We’re looking to get things like rosemary, thyme and other herbs along with some flowers,” Burley said.
This year has been full of unique challenges, according to Greenhouse grower Ally Mahoney.
Mahoney said that because temperature plays an important role in the greenhouse and its contents, “we have to keep an eye on the ‘climate’ in there, so we know that everything’s going smoothly.”