Thumbs Up: Issue 4 2021

Thumbs up to spring:
As the snow melts and the temperatures rise, it is safe to say that spring has sprung. The warmer weather is a much needed change in Souderton
Winter is always difficult to get through, but with the pandemic, this past winter has been even more difficult. No holiday parties, no cuddling up with loved one by the fire; how miserable!
Now is the time to go out, enjoy the sunshine and have a nice, socially distant picnic. And you know what else spring means? Only a few more months until summer break.

Thumbs up to Academic Decathlon’s achievements:
As their competition season progresses, Souderton’s Academic Decathlon team continues to rack up wins. They have even set many new records.
With a score of 44,224, the team has earned the title of state champion. Senior Magan Swartly has also earned the record for the highest scoring individual with a total of 9,097 points.
The team continues to gain more recognition as they move closer to the end of their season. Congratulations on a great season, AcaDec. Your hard work is paying off.

*Thumbs up to spring music concerts:*
Receiving approval from the school to host outdoor concerts, band and choir will be having their first live spring concerts in two years.
For the band program, this will be the first live concert since last winter, due to COVID-19. The concert will feature music from the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and Lab Jazz Band.
The choir groups were able to hold their last winter concert outside and will be continuing this trend with their spring concert. This concert will include performances from the Men and Women’s Choirs, the Concert Choir, Advanced Choir and both a cappella groups.
It’s great to see the music programs adapt and overcome in these trying times. Good luck, band and choir!

*Thumbs up to virtual Art & Soul Fest:*
In order to stay safe while promoting the arts, Souderton held a virtual Art & Soul Fest this year. We think this was a great idea.
Out of everything that has suffered due to the pandemic, the arts have really been hit hard. Live performances aren’t very COVID-friendly, so it’s nice to see the arts get a win with a virtual A&S Fest.
We’re glad to see the support given to the event and highly encourage everyone to continue to check out the website. Huge props to student coordinators Gina Smyth and Anna Roman for setting everything up.

*Thumbs up to Souderton student Instagram accounts:*
Attempting to boost student morale and unity, students have been making Instagram accounts for Souderton-related news. Many of these are focused on the class of 2021’s senior year.
Accounts like these include @soudyseniorprom2021, @soudyseniors2021 and many others. Having accounts like these help to make the most out of a senior year that’s not necessarily ideal, considering the current pandemic.
We think that having this morale booster is a great and safe way to bring a little more community and livelihood into the school. Huge props to the students who take the time to run these accounts!