News Byte: Club aims to get more girls interested in STEM

In order to reach more young girls and get them involved in STEM, the Teach Girls Tech Club holds activities for students at the middle schools.


Weighing it out… Adding coins into a container over a handbuilt bridge, Teach Girls Tech club founder Ava Saydam (Left) demonstrates an engineering activity with a student at Indian Valley Middle School. Teach Girls Tech aims to get more girls involved in STEM.

By meeting during school and doing activities in the middle schools, the Teach Girls Tech Club aims to introduce more young girls in the district to STEM, in hopes to broaden the female demographic in STEM careers.
Started last year by freshman (now sophomore) Ava Saydam, the Teach Girls Tech Club encourages young girls to take STEM related courses and participate in STEM related activities.
“The goal of the Teach Girls Tech Club is to encourage elementary and middle school girls to take technology and engineering classes at the highschool,” Saydam said.
According to Saydam, there aren’t as many women as there are men in STEM related courses.
“I took Computer Programming I last year as a freshman,” Saydam said, “On the first day of school, it was shocking to walk into the classroom and see that I was the only girl in the room.”
The Teach Girls Tech Club meets throughout the month during 5 block in order to plan and practice lessons for girls in the middle and elementary schools.
“Our meetings are all about planning our next activity for the elementary or middle school girls,” Saydam said. “We hope to hold one or two more activities this year for them!”
Although the club is relatively new, Saydam is “very excited to see the positive impact the club will have on our school district!”