Senior projects help students think about future plans

Reflecting on their high school experiences, seniors are required to complete a senior project. The goal of the project is to help guide students to make a decision on their plans after high school.

Presenting their projects on November 9 and 25, seniors think back on their high school experience and what they want to pursue after high school.
According to career counselor Mike Darcy, seniors projects are “the culminating presentation” of a student’s high school experience.
“The purpose behind senior projects is to give students the opportunity to stand up there and celebrate and boast all the great things they have done and share it with their peers,” Darcy said.
The senior project encourages students to look back at their high school years and recognize the important lessons they have learned.
“The senior projects give students time to reflect on what it was like here and what they are taking from that journey on to their next one,” mentorship coordinator Amy Tarlo said.
For senior Ainsley Griffin, the project helped guide her to figure out what she wanted to do after high school.
“I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do after high school. My classes and experiences helped shaped some idea of what I want to do,” Griffin said.
The classes some students took had an impact on their future career plans.
For senior Campbell Bache, she was able to decide on majoring in pre-med after reflecting on all the science classes she took and deciding which ones were her favorite and which weren’t.
Mentorships and job shadows also play a big role in helping some students decide what they want to do after high school.
“My job shadow or my mentorship had the biggest impact on what I wanted to do after high school because I actually got to experience something,” Griffin said.
Senior Jonah Epps had a similar experience with his mentorship. For his mentorship, he did a statistics program through the school where he went to different companies and worked with statisticians.
“My mentorship really interested me and helped to set me on the path of statistics,” Epps said.
Experiences outside of school also are a part of senior projects. They help influence seniors’ career choices. For senior Carly Richardson, her hobbies and job outside of school helped her decide what she wants to major in college.
“Because of being on a team for track and cross country I knew I wanted to work with people. That combined with what I do at work made me want to be a pharmacist,” Richardson said.
According to Darcy, students can take away many different lessons from senior projects. “The idea of senior projects is going to encapsulate skills,” Darcy said.
Tarlo hopes students are able to take away some soft skills like self-confidence when presenting self-awareness in a student.
Griffin was able to gain a lesson of her own while doing the project. “ I was able to learn that you can find out what you want to do by finding out what you don’t want to do first,” Griffin said.
According to Tarlo, senior projects help students reflect on their high school years and think about their plans for the future.
Students are able to take away life lessons from the different parts of the project.
“I think we are very lucky that we do it because there are skill sets from senior projects that students can use for the rest of their lives,” Tarlo said.