Comfort foods help students ‘spice’ up quarantine

By making meals and picking up takeout, several students have found their new favorite foods as a result of the pandemic. Students made new meals as well as relied on some of the most memorable foods from childhood.


Mixing it up…Pouring the cheese, Souderton alumna Juliana Alderfer (Right) helps sister Jamie Alderfer make Mac and Cheese. The Mac and Cheese meal kit was purchased from Thirsty Dice.

Because of stress from the COVID-19 pandemic, students have found comfort and relief in food by making their favorite classics, trying new recipes and ordering different types of takeout.
According to junior Camille Schwabe, cooking brings “so much” comfort and joy.
“[Cooking] is such a stress reliever and it pays off so nicely. I love making food and then getting to taste it and share it with my family,” Schwabe said.
Schwabe tried several new recipes that are some of her new favorites.
“Over quarantine, my mom and I made Mexican Tylaudas and a Spanakopita grilled cheese as well as garlic noodles and Cha Gio. They were all delicious and fun to make,” Schwabe said.
While some students tried new foods, others relied on their favorite classics to bring them comfort.
“My go-to comfort food is pasta because it is easy and there are so many types and ways to make it; styles, sauces, add-ins, and more,” junior Hannah Woodbury said.
Both Schwabe and sophomore Levi Lewis say their favorite comfort food is macaroni and cheese.
“My go-to comfort food is mac and cheese, super tasty and easy to make,” Lewis said.
Other than pasta, freshman Jackson Rohrbaugh says he likes to eat cereal on, particularly stressful days.
“I usually eat cereal on a stressful day because it takes less effort to make. It makes me feel better because I’ve been eating cereal for breakfast since I was a little kid so I know what to expect and I sometimes have memories attached to certain cereals,” Rohrbaugh said.
Woodbury also says she tried some different takeout options over quarantine when she or her parents didn’t feel up to cooking.
“My favorite comfort take-out is chicken lo-mein from Lu’s Garden. It has been my go-to for years,” Woodbury said, “I also love pancakes from Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe.”
Rohrbaugh also tried comfort takeout. “During the pandemic [my family] ordered out from The Mill a lot and that is definitely now one of my favorite take-out restaurants,” Rohrbaugh said.
Both Lewis and Schwabe say Laura’s Pizza is one of their favorite takeout restaurants and they both enjoy the Stromboli Steak Special.
Some students agreed that cooking was something they looked forward to each night.
“Cooking brings me a sense of accomplishment and I feel like I have control over something. I also love being able to pick exactly what I’m eating,” Woodbury said.
Rohrbaugh also believes that there is a feeling of satisfaction when you make something and then get to eat it.
“One of my favorite comfort meals to make is breakfast sandwiches because they are very customizable and it feels like a unique creation. I specifically like to make mine egg, cheese, bacon, and hash browns,” Rohrbaugh said.
Lewis feels that cooking can sometimes bring more stress than comfort, especially on busy days.
“Cooking sometimes brings me comfort because it’s so relaxing and fun, but other times it can feel like a chore,” Lewis said
Other comfort food favorites include cheeseburgers, Chinese food, smoothies and quesadillas.