Casting for calmness

Casting for calmness Disconnecting from modernity, Pennsylvania fishermen have begun their 2021 fishing season. Anglers say that fishing is an admirable escape from the outside world and a time to embrace tranquility.


**Cast away…***Enjoying an evening fishing outing, Harleysville resident Pasquale Sebastianelli takes a cast off of the coast of Florida. Sebastianelli travels frequently on fishing expeditions, and is currently staying in Naples, Fl.*

Escaping from the present-day hustle and bustle of modern life, Pennsylvania fishermen are able to devote quality time to catching fish and immersing themselves in nature.
“My favorite thing about fishing is getting away from civilization a little bit,” school psychologist Ken Cuomo said.
Cuomo said that there is also a level of focus that comes with fishing, and it is especially important with certain styles of fishing such as euro nymphing, which is a type of fly fishing.
After hours of work and being surrounded by technology, some fishermen say that it is good to get outdoors and spend time on the water.
“I love the outdoors and nature. It’s peaceful and I’’m pretty busy so it’s a time where I can shut my brain off and get on the water,” health and physical education teacher David Lotier said.
Other anglers enjoy other factors. Technology education Jacob Marushak said that he likes the excitement of fishing and that he also enjoys the “buzzing” of the opening day anticipation.
It’s not uncommon for fishermen to begin their hobby at a young age.
Cuomo said that he moved to Pennsylvania and began fishing when he was just six years old. Lotier said that he has been doing it for his entire life and started very young as well
Many fishermen often have a certain person or event that sparked their interest in fishing, often leading to a lifetime long activity to share with generations to come.
“Right up the street from my house there was a fishing club. They had a pond that they stocked with trout every year,” Marushak said.
It can also be common to have interest sparked by other fishermen.
“My friends sparked most of my interest in fishing. It was sort of an escape from everything else going on. Just a whole group of friends relaxing, listening to music, and casting lines,” fisherman Tyler Williams said.
Pennsylvania is acclaimed for its exceptional fishing streams. It is especially well-known for its favorable trout and bass fishing, which can be caught all around the state in various lakes and rivers and other bodies of water.
“I really love Pennsylvania. We have great wilds and great wilderness,” Cuomo said.
Lotier agrees. There are also very good local fishing spots. “I fish Skippack Creek a lot. I go to Groffs Mill park, sometimes,” Lotier said.
Fishermen say that the activity can also benefit health by being able to hike and traverse between fishing spots.
“I’m on my feet, I’m hiking and moving, normally I’ll walk a couple miles so it’s a good healthy escape, and a stress reliever,” Lotier said.
Fishing gives a person the ability to relax, but also focus deeply on what they are doing. “My favorite part of fishing is when you see the bobber dip into the water or feel a fish nibbling on your line while reeling in,” Williams said. “It gives you this shot of adrenaline that picks you right up from the deep relaxation that you had moments before.”
Fishing can be adaptable and interchangeable. There are also many different fish to catch. “I like to fish for largemouth bass,” Marushak said.
Fishing gives one the chance to teach important lessons that can be implemented into an angler’s daily life. “I have a 3-year-old son who I took fishing for the first time this year, so trying to instill in him that good things will happen if we are consistent,” Marushak said.