Philadelphia Eagles attempt to improve this offseason

The Eagles have acquired many players and future draft picks this offseason


***Broad stripes and bright stars…****Displaying the flag, military members and families show their patriotism before an Eagles game while the national anthem plays.* *Photo reprinted with permission from Dave Schofield*

By adding players that could play a key role, the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to have a winning season next season. The National Football League (NFL) started its offseason on April 19.
The NFL was able to come to an agreement to extend the football season one week making the season 18 weeks long with 17 games.
Next to happen in the offseason was free agency, in which players that aren’t under contract by their team anymore can sign a contract with any of the 32 teams in the league.
The Philadelphia Eagles, according to NBC Sports, only had $6,431,321 in available cap space this off season. The Eagles signed former Super Bowl MVP quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco will be a backup for sophomore quarterback back Jalen Hurts who was drafted in the second round of the 2020 draft.
The Eagles also signed undrafted free agent quarterback Jamie Newman who played for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.
According to USA Today’s website, last season’s Eagles secondary was ranked 20 among all NFL secondaries.
“The Eagles struggled last year with their secondary,” Eagles season ticket holder Alec Sprouse II said.
In order to improve their secondary, the Eagles signed safety Anthony Harris. Harris is a former Minnesota Vikings player, where he played under the eagles new defensive coordinator. The team had a losing season last year going 4-11-1.
“I think expectations were set very high because the Eagles were all healthy and Doug Pederson sounded like they were going to have a good season last year,” Eagles fan Lincoln Wiedner said.
When the season ended head coach Doug Pederson was fired. The Eagles brought in former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni.
“The offensive line definitely needs the most work because Carson Wentz and Jaylen Hurts were sacked way too much last year,” Eagles season ticket holder Dave Schofield said.
This off season the Eagles lost left tackle Jason Peters who was a nine time pro-bowler. Peters currently works for Good Morning Football. Andre Dillard is Peters’ replacement. Last year before the season started, Andre Dillard suffered from torn biceps which ended his season before it started.
Three-time pro bowler Brandon Brooks also suffered a season ending injury in the pre season. Brooks tore his left achilles. Both of these linemen will return next year to protect Hurts.
“I think it’s a shame that the eagles were plagued with injuries. I think they could have won at least two more games without all their injuries,” Eagles fan Ben Martin said.
According to ESPN, the Eagles had 14 different starting offensive lines in their 16 games.
This off season the Eagles are also trying to improve the starting defensive line by adding defensive end Ryan Kerrigan. Kerrigan has been to the Pro Bowl four times and has 95.5 sacks in his career.
The Eagles were also successful in getting a wide receiver in the draft.
“I’m excited to see how well Devonta Smith will perform,” said Eagles fan Lincoln Weidner. “Devonta Smith is easily the best wide receiver in the league.” The Eagles wide receiver was drafted with the 10th overall pick in the draft and won the Heisman award.
At the start of the off season the Eagles traded away quarterback Carson Wentz who “underperformed” last year, according to Sprouse.
The Eagles received a third round pick and a second round pick that can turn into a first round pick if Wentz plays more than 75% of the offensive snaps.