Crepe Place V-Dal whips up splendid breakfasts

Newly added to Main St. in Harleysville, the Crepe Place V-Dal produces wonderful cafe style foods. The cafe is located at 345 Main St. and includes noteworthy menu items.


***Waffly delicious…**Enjoying breakfast at The Crepe Place V-Dal in Harleysville, sophomore Gabe Heim (left) and junior Camille Schwabe chow down on specialty menu items. Schwabe ordered the s’mores bubble waffle. Arrowhead photo by Sophie Rodrique*

Bringing a different and unique type of breakfast to Harleysville, The Crepe Place V-Dal opened May 1 and is serving sweet and savory crepes, waffles, bubble waffles and paninis.
The Crepe Place is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. for curbside pickup and takeout. They also have a few picnic tables outside with umbrellas to enjoy your food on a nice day.
The inside of the shop is adorable. They have the menu displayed on two TV’s above the counter as well as paper menus that are very easy to read. They have nice chairs to sit in and wait, or you can wait outside and they will bring your food to you.
The turn around from order to pickup was less than 10 minutes when it was slow. Essentially, they provided our food briskly, and they also had our parties coffee orders out within two minutes of ordering.
The crepes are delicious and they have types for every kind of mood. They have vegetarian crepe options and crepes for later in the day that might be better for lunch or dinner.
Their sweet crepes include several types of fruit with toppings like walnuts or nutella. The nutella crepe, a fan-favorite, was highly pleasing with the toppings of complimenting fruit.
Our party also enjoyed the bubble waffles, which were airy waffles rolled up and served with ice cream. We tried the KitKat bubble waffle and s’mores bubble waffle.
The KitKat bubble waffle was served with delicious chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a KitKat. The flavors were a perfect combination and it was definitely a special treat. The only complaint we had is that they were served in a styrofoam cup with a spoon so it was a little difficult to eat.
The s’mores bubble waffle was served with vanilla ice cream, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, chocolate chips and graham crackers. The marshmallow was nicely toasted to create a tasty flavor. The whipped cream was a little thick, but we presume it was so that it didn’t melt too quickly. Overall, it was still delicious.
The bubble waffles are quite unique and proved to be worth the try. They are a perfect middleground of light and richly filling.
Served nice and fresh, the berry waffle can brighten up anyone’s day. The crisp and fluffy waffle comes with sweet berries, whipped cream and syrup. Together, the sweet and savory flavors of the berries and waffle bring a refreshing and delightful taste. This item is vegetarian, as well.
Other menu items such as the breakfast waffle provide a homestyle feel to the table, as it comes with eggs, cheese and bacon. This classic breakfast entree was satisfying and everything was cooked to our liking.
Drinks are quality made at The Crepe Place. Alternative milk options are available such as oat and almond milk. The coffee is rich and comes in an adequate portion. We also ordered an iced chai latte, which was flavorful.
The best part about the iced beverages at the cafe is that they are made with top-notch ice, meaning it is shaped in a cylindrical way and keeps drinks cool. This was a pleasant surprise that brought a sophisticated impression to the cafe.
The Crepe Place V-Dal is a sublime spot to grab any meal for the day. Their food, as well as their service is comforting and high quality. It makes for a great family or friend meeting spot, and is an excellent new addition to Harleysville.