A Night To Remember

A non-school affiliated group is creating a prom for all the seniors who did not get to have a prom this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Grace Kelly and other 2020 Student Government members are working toward the goal of giving the class of 2020 the prom some have been looking forward to.

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought many unfortunate cancellations of many high school events, including the cancellation of the senior prom for the Class of 2020.
The dismissal of the prom has left some seniors frustrated due to the problem that they already spent money on prom attire and now have nowhere to go. The 2020 prom committee and a few parents joined together to make the prom happen for everyone willing to attend, which is predicted to be “around 200 people,” according to the site, which the committee used to get a general headcount of who will be attending the prom.
Souderton Area High School is not a part of the decision making process in how this prom will be put together.
The committee contacted The Fuge, which is where the prom will be held in August.
The committee did not need to do a lot of fund raising for the prom, but that did not stop them from trying. “We had a clothing drive two weeks ago where we collected a little over $2,000 and that’s going to the center pieces and a little bit of decoration,” said 2020 Student Government member Grace Kelly.
The Fuge requires a $75 fee to get into the building, however the entertainment and the catering is on the house.
The original idea of continuing the prom was brought on by the 2020 prom committee because they thought it was unfair that seniors couldn’t have the night that some people waited a long time for.
“Prom is something everyone looks forward to, especially senior year,” Kelly said. “A lot of people didn’t go junior year because they thought they could go senior year and it’s something we didn’t want taken away from people.”