Veterans’ brunch gets a weekend date

More students were able to engage with veterans due to the Interact and Support Our Troops Clubs decision to host their annual veterans’ brunch on a Saturday.

By holding their annual veterans’ brunch on a weekend, the Interact and Support Our Troops clubs were able to give students and veterans more time to engage with each other.
According to Interact Club advisor Kathy Perricone, for the past three years, Interact and Support Our Troops have been hosting the brunch during the three school lunches.
“Students would sign up to come to the library during their lunch. There were three groups of students and veterans that would come and go,” Perricone said.
Because each of the three events throughout the day only last 30 minutes, the clubs decided to try hosting the event on a weekend.
“That way veterans who’re in the workforce can come and the students can get more time to talk to them,” Perricone said.
The day wasn’t the only thing that changed this year according to Interact Club leader Abby Tammaro and Support Our Troops Club leader Cole Keel.
Bingo was put into place this year along with the usual veteran welcome speech, national anthem, and veteran favors at the end.
“We wanted to mix it up this year and the vets seemed to really enjoy [the change,]” Tammaro said.
According to Keel, in addition to the new schedule, the clubs were able to accumulate more money so they could provide a greater amount of food for the vets and the students.
“I think this [year] was better because everyone wants to fill me up another plate,” said Airforce veteran Julian Hagin. This was Hagin’s third year at the brunch.
According to Perricone, there are a lot of different veterans that attend. “We have some veterans who served all the way up to world war two and some who are in now.”
Furthermore, the brunch gives students a greater understanding of what they went through and it’s a great opportunity for students to show their “appreciation” and “thanks” for “protecting our country,” according to Perricone.
For Navy veteran David Fazio, it was really about the connection of “old v.s. new.” “When I was in the service there was a big anti-war protest going on. I actually had a young lady spit on my uniform,” said Fazio. “ I’m so glad to see young people nowadays come to appreciate it. It’s very nice.”