Thanks for a memorable year, Souderton

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on all of the opportunities Souderton has had during COVID. It’s been a crazy year, but we’ve made the most of it.


*Cartoon by Oisin Carolan*

While other districts were made to stay home and missed out on quintessential high school experiences, our district was able to give us the chance of having a semi-normal year. We are lucky.
For starters, we were allowed to choose to come into school. We were the only district in our area to come back full time from the start of the year.
This was an amazing opportunity and, while rocky to start, we were able to make it through the year safely. With the inclusion of social distancing and quarantining when necessary, administration was able to keep our district in person as safe as possible.
Additionally, we were able to continue all of our school sports and after school activities. Student athletes and band members were able to have senior nights and experience the activities they’ve loved since freshman year.
While we weren’t able to have many audience members and fans come out to cheer for their favorite teams, we were able to have our parents and family members attend, which are the fans that truly make these moments memorable.
On top of sports and physical activities, the arts were able to stay alive during these trying times. The traditional music groups were able to perform in a combination of both indoor and outdoor concerts, while the rock band was able to perform during a few lunches and at the Souderton park.
We were also able to host multiple art shows, both in person and virtual. Art and Soul Fest was able to continue virtually, while the art department was able to host its annual senior showcase in person.
While performing groups, such as the indoor color guard and drumline, could not attend competitions, they were still able to hold practices and final performances for friends and family. Thanks to this, students in these groups were able to enjoy the activities they love and have some sort of a season.
Additionally, the theatre department was able to put on the fall play outdoors and have the spring musical indoors. The casts and crews for both productions did a phenomenal job putting together high quality shows despite the difficulties brought on with COVID.
And while we did miss having school dances this year, the seniors were able to have the prom that they had been looking forward to since freshman year. With an outdoor dance floor and additional safety precautions, the class of 2021 was able to have the night of their lives.
Through all of this, the ups and downs and every opportunity, The Arrowhead had the chance to cover it all. While we weren’t able to print our newspaper this year, we successfully produced six online issues for the student body.
This year was not ideal by any means and there were certainly moments that became discouraging. Despite this, we made it through this year and came out as a closer-knit Souderton family.
Thank you for the memories, Souderton.