Art brings together communities

The Art Jam showcases different art forms and brings in artists to display and sell their work.

Every year on the last Saturday of September, the Souderton Community Park holds The Art Jam. The Art Jam is for one full day from 10-5p.m.
Many people attended the Art Jam this year from all different communities and some showed off their art.
The annual event allows local bands from any age range to perform all different music genres. This year, the band All Worn Out Band played original music as well as covers from different well-known bands.
The event also showcased art pieces made by numerous artists in the area.
“I think it’s really good to have a mix of cultures and different types of mediums being used for people interested,” abstract artist Julie DeLeaver said.
The artists at the Art Jam included art like pottery, jewelry, photography and paintings.
“Different types of arts and crafts that people sell can be educational for people who may be interested in getting involved with the arts and [art] can kind of speak with people,” DeLeaver said.
According to DeLeaver, attendees can pick up “unique items” at The Art Jam. DeLeaver sold coasters and tables and said she“was making plenty of sales.”
The event didn’t just attract families and friends but, it attracted students from the high school.
Freshman Joey Beck is a “performing arts enthusiast.” For Beck, when other people love the arts, it makes him feel like everyone in the art community is doing their job.
“I think it really shows everyone’s talents in our community and it kind of gives everyone a chance to find new things they are interested in,” Beck said.
According to master jeweler Lillian Claire Gordley, the Art Jam is a great way to “expose” the community to new art forms.
Gordley said that it is “exciting” to see what people are creating. Gordley also had a booth and was selling her jewelry.
The event had booths lined up on Wile Avenue with different art forms and had people up and down the street looking at the art.
“All the different types of art really brings people together because art is showing different types of people’s personalities,” sophomore Halle Grubb said.