Con: Vaccine passports go against peoples’ rights

The new debate of whether or not a vaccine passport should be created has been very divided. U.S. citizens should have the right to choose whether or not they want to be vaccinated and it should not affect what they’re able to do.

Forcing U.S. citizens to show a vaccine passport goes against the rights of having the choice of getting vaccinated. This split debate should not affect what a person is allowed to do and where they want to go.
Requiring vaccine passports will make citizens feel forced to get vaccinated. But U.S. citizens have the right to opt out of getting vaccinated for medical, religious and personal reasons.
Also requiring vaccinations is unfair to citizens who cannot get vaccinated. By requiring a vaccine passport it could possibly do more harm than good.
On May 16, the CDC announced that masks are not required if vaccinated. Vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens should be trusted to wear their mask, accordingly, and follow the CDC mandate.
Requiring vaccine passports doesn’t only affect single citizens, but it also affects businesses. If businesses are only allowed to have vaccinated customers, they will lose a lot of their customers.
Also each individual business should get to choose if they want to require vaccine passports. Since it affects their business, they should get a choice in what happens to their business.
Even though in some countries vaccine passports have widely helped countries, the United States should remember the basis of the country’s beginning and then move on to safety measures. If a safety measure goes against a right of a citizen, it should not be instated.
. When people feel like their rights are threatened they want to get back what was taken.
What happened on January 6 when people stormed the U.S. Capitol was very dangerous and so many more people could have gotten hurt. If this happens for a second time it could be so much more dangerous.
Even though there have been more procedures to stop these dangerous riots and protests happening, it is still possible that with the right motivation harmful protests and riots could happen again.
Vaccine passports may keep people safe or safe in some people’s minds, but it goes against our rights and has the possibility of creating dangerous situations. It also will decrease the number of customers that go to different businesses. This could harm current businesses and has the possibility of shutting down new businesses.