Boys lacrosse returns after having almost a year off

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the United States last March, the Souderton boys lacrosse season got cut short. On the bright side, their 2021 season has officially begun and the players and coaches are more than excited.


***Rough start…**As the game reaches its halfway mark, Souderton player Luke Warwzynek gets the ball and hopes to score one last time before the half. On April 23 Souderton played at home against Council Rock South and the team worked together and came out on top.* *Photo by Arrowhead Staff Writer Jessica Ace*

As many juniors now seniors on the team like Riley Eberly and Kobi Bui were not able to have a season last year, making an impact this year is one of their top priorities. The same goes for first year coach Mark Cornes.
The season started off on March 26 at home against Upper Moreland. This first game started the season on the right foot putting the boys at a 1-0 record. As this issue went to press, the team’s record is now 6-4. Although that may seem bad the boys have until May 11 to improve their skills and work better as a team.
“My goal for the team right now is to just turn the page on the losses and put together a complete game, and that goes to every single player on the team,” Cornes said.
The last three games have been against all Central Bucks schools, but just because they were good teams does not mean they were not beatable.
“All three of them were beatable, but we needed to bring our best game,” Cornes said.
It is still very early in the season, with 18 games total. Cornes hopes the boys will become more disciplined. He wants the boys to “keep their eyes on the prize and keep fighting.”
Senior Riley Eberly has been playing all throughout high school. Loving the sport so much made it hard losing his junior year season.
“Every year it becomes more and more important and with losing a season right before my senior year it definitely had some major setbacks for my lacrosse career,” Eberly said.
As the school year and Eberly’s last few months of playing for Souderton come to an end, being able to play lacrosse one last time again is very exciting.
“Knowing I had one last chance to play with the lacrosse family I love gave me the best feeling ever,” Eberly said. “Nothing could match the level of excitement in me when I heard we were having a season this year.”
For senior Kobi Bui, the level of excitement is exactly the same.
“I love this sport so much and it’s given me so many opportunities. I was so happy to be back out there and to watch the sport again, playing at a high level,” Bui said.
Bui has been playing lacrosse for six years now and even though it is his last season for high school lacrosse, he definitely is enjoying it.
“As a senior things look so different now, so I kind of just sit back and enjoy the game and play it with joy,” Bui said.