President Kanye West brings serenity and peace to the U.S.

After a brutal campaign, Kanye West won the 2020 election. West has far exceeded my expectations when it comes to his character and lucidity since being inducted.


Cartoon by Miranda Razzi

When I look back at the first 100 days of President Kanye West’s first term, I now realize what a perfect choice he was to represent and lead the United States of America.
With his decisiveness, creativity, charisma and youth, West is sure to bring our country back from the brink of civil war.
As our President, West has demonstrated his ability to stay decisive under intense pressure, making fast decisions that are the envy of other world leaders.
When West was envious of Canada for being “too nice,” he proposed new legislation, the “Only Niceness Allowed” bill, that was quickly brought before the House of Representatives. Although the bill was later defeated almost unanimously in the House, West stood by his original thought, saying, “I want to be nicer than Canada,” and “I came up with this idea in my first 5 minutes in office. It was just like ‘Boom!’ It’s by far the best idea any president has had in the past 100 years.”
West’s whole campaign was built on the fact he wanted more transparency from the federal government. He kept his promise on his non-filtered approach to running a country, and it was exemplified when West told the public about the alleged government building that holds remnants of alien life/UFO’s. “Area 51” does indeed hold something “beyond our imaginations,” according to West.
West’s comments were met with fear and panic across the world as the death toll reached thousands due to stampedes, human sacrifices and voyages to the highest mountain tops to be the first to greet our other-worldly visitors.
“I have seen it with my own eyes and we, as the human nation, need to be prepared for anything that happens not only here on the ground, but also from above,” West told the Washington Post.
West helped the public understand the dangerous threat that was thought to be fiction- thanks to films like “Independence Day,” “Alien” and “Predator,”-is 100% factual and a very real and present threat. Since January 29 West has unveiled more than 100 classified government files and we’re better off because of it.
West, who has albums with multiple songs that made it on the Top 100 billboard multiple times before his Presidency, transferred his experience in the music industry over into his position in the oval office.
In West’s first few weeks in office, one of his first actions as the POTUS was rewriting the national anthem, calling it “dated” and “too white.”
West is a highly creative individual with very colorful plans for the future continuing after these first 100 days.
He didn’t want to wait for his new song to be the official anthem so he used an executive order, making it the national anthem immediately.
West went to the school his daughter, North West, is currently attending (Sierra Canyon School) to have discussions with the younger students as inspiration for his new National Anthem. This is the same school his wife, Kim Kardashian, went to.
“Next, we will take down the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ in schools across the country, but that will have to wait since, apparently, kindergarteners don’t actually know the words to it yet,” West told Forbes.
Courageously pushing forward in his artistic visions, West changed the country’s nearly 200-year-old national anthem and created something new and fresh for future generations.
West’s music career was all he had before he ran for President. He uses his natural talent and charm to do his diligent duty as POTUS.
West believes it was purely his “charisma” and “youth” that got him elected and won over the American people.
Now that charisma and youth will set the country down a new and bright path being only the second president to be elected at the age 43, following John F. Kennedy in 1961.
Although there were a few defeats, the American people see these first 100 days of West’s term as an absolute win. Many view West as a modern day icon they want their kids to look up to – a fighter, an artist and a perfect leader for the best country in the world.
West has successfully proven himself through honesty to the public, “Twix” legal cases and a national anthem rewrite to be worthy of his votes. He is fully prepared and ready for what the country has to throw at him for the 1361 days left of the West Presidency.