Club takes math to next level

Open to all students, Math Club meetings are held after school on Tuesdays in room A307.


**Hard at work…** *Solving and explaining their first problem of the day, Ariel Levin and Kyle Lockheed work together. The math club meets every Tuesday to go over math concepts such as this.*

Math Club members are currently recruiting students who have a passion for math and giving them the opportunity to dive deeper into topics learned during the school day.
“I hope to go beyond the standard curriculum, learn about things that maybe aren’t main topics in school,” freshman Kyle Lockheed said.
The club is going to be student-run, so that means the students, not a teacher, will be going over the material.
The club is run by freshmen Daniel Levin and Ariel Levin. Math teacher Tara Helikiopoulus serves as advisor.
What Levin is most excited about for this club is the “student to student communication” that will take place. Students will be learning various math concepts, prepping for the SATs, and overall elevating their understanding of math to the next level.
Levin said that they’ll be improving students’ SAT understanding since they might require more or they could miss certain things in class since in the semester students are only given a certain amount of time.
According to Levin, club members will discuss many math subjects.
“As well as enjoying math, we’re going to be going more in-depth in certain subjects such as algebra, geometry, and as we progress maybe even calculus, pre-calculus, and trigonometry,” Levin said.
For those who don’t like math, the club is still valuable.
“If you want to just raise your math level from a C to an A we’d gladly offer that to you as well,” Levin said.
Regarding the future of the club, the members hope to compete in competitions such as the American Mathematical Competition, as well as various online competitions.
“I think that if we can get enough people, we can actually get pretty far in the competitions,” Lockheed said.
According to Lockheed, they had a math team in middle school, and it was a “great experience.”
Math teachers will be advertising the club in classrooms. The club also plans to advertise on Schoology.
Halikiopoulos suggests students give the club a try to see if they’ll like it. “Come a few weeks and see if you like it and if you don’t like it you don’t have to commit to it,” Halikiopoulos said.
She says it’s fine to show up randomly just to see what math subject is being taught.