Freshman tennis player leads team to wins

Working to develop her tennis career, freshman Amanda Yang makes every effort and practices to see improvement. She has won 7 out of 9 matches this season.


Serving Up Skills…Practicing for her game, freshman Amanda Yang gets ready to serve the ball. Yang is often practicing at the court and she puts in effort to do well. Arrowhead photo by Kelsea Clarke

By always being a persistent, dedicated player freshman Amanda Yang won the Suburban One League Colonial Division in girls’s tennis this year, leading her team to many victories.
There’s much that Yang likes about tennis matches.
“I like seeing improvement in the challenging part of matches,” Yang said. “I think you have to be really confident about your game when you’re on the court and do your best and be a problem solver.”
Varsity tennis coach Josh Myers describes Yang as a “silent assassin,” because she is quiet but hard working.
“She’s very reflective with her game and very disciplined. Even though she’s quiet and not the most vocal, she still leads by example which is a pretty cool thing for a freshman to do,” Myers said.
According to sophomore teammate Ava Saydam, Yang is a “solid player” who brought many wins to the Souderton Tennis team this season.
“You can see [Yang] all the time at practice doing serve after serve just trying to get better and working on herself,” Saydam said.

Yang’s parents play a big role in her motivation. Yang’s mother Jennifer Chen reminds her to focus on her own game and do her best.
“[Tennis] has taught her to really fight and never give up,” Chen said. “I think that applied to her tennis [matches] and also off the court.”
Saydam believes that Yang’s effort is what makes her such a great player. “She has a really good work ethic,” Saydam said. “She puts a lot of work into practice.”
Yang’s tennis journey first started when she was about 8 or 9 years old.
“I think it was when my other friends started playing and they said it was really fun, so I started and I really enjoyed it,” Yang said.
Chen also says that Yang has a dream to play college tennis, which is “very competitive.” Her parents think they need to support her in whatever her goal is and offer her whatever opportunities she needs to reach that goal.
Along with tennis, Yang is involved in many other activities.
“When I’m not playing tennis I like to play piano, I’m into music. I like painting, and just being in the outdoors,” Yang said.