All the small things

As stressful school can become for some students as the season of spring unfold, people can get lost in their work and forget to be happy.

Throughout life, happiness is found in many different places for many different people. Happiness is undefinable to so many people, but it can be expressed in other ways such as music, sports, and movies.
It could be the traffic lights turning green when you’re slowing down because it was red or the light beams shining through the clouds, the small things are what brings the purest of happiness to ever the darkest of times.
The spring is an odd time for life to feel like a routine and slow with all the “spring cleaning” and new beginnings, but for most students it does. It’s a little grey area where your new classes aren’t new anymore and it’s still dark in the mornings again. It is especially boring now because of COVID-19 closing everything we used to distract ourselves from this time in past years.
This is probably the first year in a long time that life is more boring than usual in the spring. It’s even worse when you find out there’s no cure. But you can taste what the summer will be like on those late Friday and Saturday nights with your friends in the warm air. That’s what gets you through it. It’s not the only thing, but it’s the common denominator among almost every student.
But it also feels so far away when you’re sitting in your personal finance class, trying not to fall asleep (not because the class is boring but because you’re dozing off thinking about running through the woods with the boys or taking a late night drive with the lights rushing by your car as the wind blows in your face in the warm winds of July as Jim Croce’s “I Got a Name” is blasting through speakers.)
Although summer is coming and the feeling of freedom can be sensed through all of the students body’s finger tips, it is still important to still be active in your schoolwork.
So maybe mix the two aspects of a student’s life.
Find a book, (I know, “ew” right?), a really good book and go out and read.
Immerse yourself in the world of the character or topic your reading about and imagine life once you graduate either traveling around the world or telling stories of your own, although maybe not as adventurous as Frodo delivering the Ring of Sauron to Mount Doom, or as magical as the Chosen One battling the Dark Lord over eight years of torment and pain.
It’s the little things in life that can temporarily take us out of reality and put humans into their happy place, which in today’s world, among COVID-19 and other world events, is very hard to do. But we must push through as a body of students to the light at the end of the tunnel… AKA summer break.