Small business black Friday sales

To keep people safe on Black Friday, local stores in Souderton are having Black Friday sales but still being very cautious.


Safe but cheap… While staying safe from COVID-19 Ten Thousand Villages employee Lynn Rush worked on Black Friday selling sales.

Some local businesses aren’t only doing sales on Black Friday, but are having different kinds of sales throughout the week of Thanksgiving.
The store Love Obsessed in Souderton had a Black Wednesday sale instead of having a Black Friday sale.
“I decided to do Black Wednesday sale instead of Black Friday sale because then [the store] wouldn’t have to compete as much with the bigger stores,” Love Obsessed owner Stacy Dill said.
Along with their Black Wednesday sales, Love Obsessed also had Small Business Saturday sales.
“We had more sales on Small Business Saturday and Black Wednesday than we’ve ever had since the store opened,” Dill said.
Additionally, Love Obsessed remained careful when it came to COVID-19 while holding their sales. Everyone in the store was required to wear a mask and social distance from each other.
They made sure the store had under 50 percent capacity at all times and continuously disinfected throughout the day.
“We made sure to sanitize everything in the store really well,” Dill said.
Love Obsessed wasn’t the only store that was making sure to be safe during COVID. Ten Thousand Villages in Souderton is also trying to do so.
“Everyone in the store is required to wear a mask over their nose at all times while being in the store,” Ten Thousand Villages employee Bonnie Moyer said.
Ten Thousand Villages also had blue dots on the floor to signify where to stand in order to keep everyone 6 feet apart and had places to use hand sanitizer all over the store.
“We also do curbside pick up. Customers can go online and order what they want for court curbside pick up and will deliver it to their car outside the store,” Moyer said.
Currently one of the main concerns for most people is their safety.
“I never really feel safe,” Walmart shopper Sam said, “but I do think Walmart was doing everything they could do to try and keep people safe.”
While remaining safe, many local businesses have been trying to make Black Friday sales a bit more creative.
County Line Nursery had a bunch of different Black Friday sales, yet they opted for a more creative name.
“It’s Green Friday, not Black Friday,” an employee who requested anonymity said.
While County Line Nursery is being creative with its name, Love Obsessed is being creative with how the store does sales.
“Even though the store doesn’t have as many sales as the bigger chain stores do I try to keep the sales more creative,” Dill said.
During Black Wednesday and Small Business Saturday Love Obsessed sold mystery bags that had two items of clothing for $25.
“This is one of the big things that our clients come rushing into the stores for,” Dill said.