Some people cannot quarantine from at-risk relatives

With strict social distancing measures and only essential businesses open during this stage of quarantine, some Pa. residents cannot distance themselves from elderly or at-risk family members.

Social distancing measures have been put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. Some Pennsylvania residents are unable to social distance from their elderly, at-risk family members.
Junior Kelly Hogan is quarantined with her family, most of whom are at-risk.
“We stay at home as much as possible.” Hogan said, “We wipe our hands and everything every time we go back inside.”
Harleysville resident Patricia Dourley is also unable to completely quarantine from her parents, both in their late 80s.
“They need transportation, assistance, someone to do their grocery shopping,” Dourley said.
Dourley does her best to prevent accidentally giving her parents COVID-19.
“I wear a mask,” Dourley said. “I wash my hands as soon as I get [to their house.]”
Dourley worries for her parents during this pandemic.
“Neither one of them will survive [COVID-19],” Dourley said. “They’re late 80s and one has underlying health issues that will put him in jeopardy.”
Both Dourley and her brother-in-law worry for their parents.
“I’m worried for [my parents-in-law] and my parents,” Souderton resident Mike Moffitt said.
The worry for loved ones is stronger than the worry for himself.
“I’m not worried about myself,” Moffitt said. “I’m concerned about my loved ones.”
The only other people in contact with her parents are her sister and brother-in-law.
“[My husband and I] wear masks and sanitize our hands if we have to go in the house,” Souderton resident Michelle Moffitt said.
“[I] try to keep my distance,” Moffitt said.
“When [my husband and I] grocery shop for them we wipe down their groceries,” Michelle said.
The Hogan family disinfects everytime they go back inside their house.
“We wipe our hands and everything everytime we go back inside and get in the car,” Hogan said. “My mom sprays the bottoms of our shoes with Lysol.”
“We carry a bag with wipes in everyone’s car whenever we do go out,” Hogan said.
They also listen to what the government says.
“I’m listening to what [the government says,]” Moffitt said, “but I’m also doing my own research.”