Students Spend Their Birthdays In Quarantine Due To Coronavirus

Because of the coronavirus and being quarantined, many students have to spend their birthday inside and away from friends and family.

For freshmen Abby Allen and Joey Beck they had to spend their 15th birthdays in quarantine and for sophomore Josalyn Nelligan it was the same. The only difference is she had to spend her Sweet 16 in quarantine. Each of these students had different plans on how they were going to spend their birthdays, but because of quarantine they couldn’t. However, that didn’t stop the celebrations.
Allen although not being able to see her friends in person it did not prevent her from being on facetime with them.
“We had ice cream and my friends over facetime watched Ratatouille,” Allen said.
And although she got to spend more time with family it was not an ideal birthday.
“It was kind of boring but ok,” Allen said.
But in the end for Allen her birthday was not so terrible.
“I feel like I got a lot of attention than the other years in my house, but it was fun and very easy going.” Allen said.
Now for freshman Joey Beck his 15th birthday in quarantine was much different.
“Some of my family drove by so I could see them and some of my friends came to my front yard and we talked while social distancing,” Beck said.
For Beck’s 15th birthday he was supposed to go see Hadestown on Broadway. But because of the coronavirus he had to spend his birthday in quarantine and now he has already started planning on how he wants to spend his birthday next year.
“I will definitely be having a big party and I will hopefully see Hadestown,” Beck said.
So even with all this happening Beck still managed to have a memorable birthday with his friends and family.
“It was a pretty good experience, although I would never want to do it again,” Beck said.
Many people dream of having a Sweet 16 party for their 16th birthday, but because of quarantine Nelligan couldn’t experience that. However, that did not stop her family and friends from celebrating.
“My best friend came over and we hung out all day. Then my parents surprised me with a car parade with a bunch of family and friends.” Nelligan said.
Although spending her 16th birthday in quarantine was not the plan, Nelligan was not disappointed with spending her birthday in quarantine.
“Honestly, it has been one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had,” Nelligan said.
And because of spending her birthday in quarantine she has learned something new.
“It made me realize how much I take for granted when I’m with my friends. However, this was a birthday I’ll never forget,” Nelligan said.