Fall play cast rehearses among new COVID-19 regulations

To perform the fall play, students have adapted to new COVID-19 regulations. Practicing multiple times a week, the cast of “Our Town” works to make the fall play happen.


Practice Makes Perfect… Rehearsing, junior Jamie Alderfer (left) and senior Owen Hershberger prepare for the fall play. It is set to take place from November 12 through 14. Arrowhead photo by Annabel Cunningham

By following new COVID-19 protocols,the high school’s student actors continue to practice three times a week in hopes of being able to perform the fall play.
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, new regulations have been put in place for the production of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town,” this year’s play.
“We have to wear masks on stage and we can’t touch people,” senior Own Hershberger said.
The impact of social distancing is affecting some of the scenes in the play. “For instance, I have a scene where I bump into someone, but because of the social distancing I just kind of stumble around them instead,” Hershberger said.
Along with the masks and social distancing, director Lori Maxwell said, “I have to do a temperature check every rehearsal.”
According to senior Jamie Adamitis, this year presents a set of unique challenges. “I’m a little worried about projecting with the masks. Sometimes it’s hard for us to hear each other on stage,” Adamitis said.
With the challenge of projection through masks, sophomore Joey Beck says another important thing is showing facial expressions. “It’s harder to use your face to express your emotions,” Beck said. “Half of your face is covered up, and it’s more difficult to show what you’re feeling.”
Another concern for this year’s production is the time due to the late start to the school year. “It’s a short rehearsal time this year,” Maxwell said, “but, I think we’ll push through.”
While rehearsals are currently inside the building, there is a possibility that the play will be performed outside. “I would obviously prefer to be on stage, but if it comes to having a larger audience, then I’m all for it,” Adamitis said.“I know we need to do what’s the safest.”
Lighting and sound are a major concern when it comes to performing outside, according to Maxwell. “We’ll just have to see what happens, and work around it,” Maxwell said.
Though COVID-19 has brought new challenges to Souderton’s production of “Our Town”, Maxwell tries to keep a positive attitude. “Let’s see what we can do. When we hit obstacles, let’s see what we need to do to get around them,” Maxwell said.
Despite obstacles, some positives have come out of the new regulations. “New people have had to step up and be leaders in the drama department,” Hershberger said. “We had a lot less people try out this year, but that gives us a chance to get closer to each other.”
Many of the actors are glad that they can still perform. “I’m just really thankful for the experience to still be doing this,” Hershberger said. Despite the challenges this year, Adamitis is glad the show can be produced and is “excited for this show.”
Maxwell says she’s glad [Principal Sam] Varano said, “Let’s figure it out.”
“I think it’s supportive of the students,” Maxwell said, “and it’s important to do some sports, and arts and band. It’s a good thing kids are still able to be involved.”