Football team credits success to team chemistry

For the first time since 1963, the varsity football team has gone undefeated through the first six weeks. The team looks to capitalize on this and make a deep playoff run.

The team is doing better than other years because of the bond the group has says coach Ed Gallagher.
“This has been the best, tightest group we’ve had,” Gallagher said. “They get along on and off the field.”
Senior DeAndre Wakefield said that chemistry is the team’s biggest strength.
“It’s what’s separating us from previous years, that’s why we are undefeated,” Wakefield said.
As this issue goes to press, the team is 7-2.
In order to keep the streak going, the team is using its successful start as motivation for the rest of the season.
To senior Andrew Vince, the start gives the team a “really special feeling.”
“We haven’t had great starts in the past couple of years,” Vince said. “It feels good to start off on the right foot and get our first few wins under our belts right away.”
Though the team is bonding well through the success, they also stayed strong together during the tougher years.

According to Gallagher, the team may not always be perfect, but they do their best to stay strong and put their best out on the field.
“It’s never going to be a perfect union, but overall our team chemistry has been better this year than it has been in almost every year we’ve had in the past five years,” Gallagher said.
According to senior Ethan Smerecki, this year’s varsity team has “kind of gained a chip on our shoulder.”
“This senior class especially is really proving to everybody that we were not a fluke when we went undefeated freshman year,” Smerecki said.
Although they use their success as motivation, the team knows they need to stay humble and be ready for anything.
“We just have to take it one week at a time,” Vince said. “We can’t let ourselves get overconfident, but we know we have what it takes to make a playoff run.”
According to Smerecki, the team saves the weekend to celebrate wins, then gets right back into the grind on Monday.
“It’s very important that once Monday comes, we turn our full attention to our next opponent so that we are able to beat them like the last team,” Smerecki said.
According to Gallagher, consistency is the most important key to allow the team to “keep doing what we are doing,” and make a deep playoff run.
“We’ve been healthy, we’ve taken care of the ball, and we play together well,” Gallagher said. “If we can keep doing those three things, look out, we’re going to be really good.”