News Byte: Astronomy club launches model rockets

To keep the club alive in the era of COVID-19, the astronomy club has been holding multiple different types of events this year. One of these events included a rocket launch that occurred at the high school.


***Houston, we have a problem…****Dealing with difficulty launching model rockets, astronomy club president James Bleazard (left) helps junior Ethan Wing fix his model rocket. The astronomy club joined on May 22 to launch model rockets they built earlier in the week.* *Arrowhead Photo By Erin Gavin*

As a fun in-person activity for this semester, the Astronomy Club did a rocket launch over the weekend at the high school.
The astronomy club has hosted multiple in person and online events this year, according to adviser Pat Murphy.
“We’ve done multiple stargazing and meteor shower viewings outside this year, along with watching live feeds of the Perseverance rover landing on Mars,” Murphy said.
The rocket launch was successful, despite losing quite a few in the trees due to it being “a bit windy,” according to Murphy.
The rockets came in packages ready for assembly, so just some gluing and sanding was needed to put them together.
They were all made to go 1,000-1,100 feet in the air depending on the engines used.
“For our launch everyone received three engines: one that is just to demonstrate it flies, the second goes a good bit higher, and we joked that the third one was when you said goodbye to your rocket because it will go so high you won’t find it,” Murphy said.
Club members enjoyed the launch.
“It was fun. We do all kinds of space-centered stuff, and it was great,” Murphy said.