Cup’A Jo Cafe dream come true for owners

The owners of Bikeworks in Harleysville just opened a coffee shop. The coffee shop, Cup’A Jo Cafe, is right next door.

Following their dreams, owners Bill and Michelle McCoach opened Cup’A Jo Cafe in July of 2019. Owning a small town cafe has always been a dream of theirs.
To owners Bill and Michelle McCoach, it was a dream come true. Six years ago Michelle McCoach envisioned herself opening a small-town cafe that would unite the community.
According to Bill McCoach, they decided to partner with One Village Coffee. They did this because they are good friends with the owner of One Village Coffee. “I brew the coffee,” One Village Coffee owner Steven Hackman said.
The McCoaches named the coffee shop after their daughter senior Kimberly Jolene McCoach, which they shortened to Jo. Hence the name Cup’A Jo.
The new cafe, Cup’A Jo Cafe, is a “big part of the community” owner Bill McCoach said.
Although the McCoaches had a name, they still needed a location for the cafe. “We’re the owners of Bikeworks,” Bill McCoach said. As a result, Cup’A Jo cafe is located in the space next to Bikeworks on Maple Avenue in Harleysville.
According to Souderton resident Ariel Franks, the cafe has many “active clientele.” As soon as a customer walks in they notice how “cozy” the place is.
“The pale yellow walls, the art work posted, and the chalkboard signs,” Franks said.
“As they walk toward the counter, they see the baristas at the front desk who are “very friendly,” Franks said.
“It was very welcoming,” customer Joe Berry said.
According to the McCoaches, they do a lot to make the place welcoming to everyone, but they are trying to do even more to make it feel like home.
“We want to get a couch in here and make it more comfortable for people to come in and do their work. We also want to get more art in here,” Kimberly McCoach said.
They have a “take-a-book, leave-a-book” library. Homemade dog treats called “Brewscuits” are sold alongside the coffee and pastries. They do raffles, sell coffee bags and other foods such as jams and jellies.
The cafe has many different drinks and food for both breakfast and lunch.
The Cup’A Jo Cafe also has breakfast and lunch, serving breakfast sandwiches and mini quiches.
Cup’A Jo Cafe offers to go containers and their own reusable containers for customers who eat in.
Barista Haley Tyson loves how it is a “comfortable environment.”
“It’s very positive, and there’s a lot of nice [customers] that come through,” Tyson said.
According to Tyson, the cafe pulls people together.
“Everyone is like family here,” Tyson said.