Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe explored

With new rumors being created every day, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is leaping into the future of television and film.

While many Marvel fans try to guess the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the secrets behind the movies are kept top-secret. With many rumors spreading around the internet, Avengers: Endgame actress Emma Fuhrmann, Avengers: Endgame actress Lexi Rabe, Netflix’s “The Punisher” stunt coordinator Eric Linden, Captain America: Civil War stunt performer Gui DaSilva, and Hulu’s “Marvel’s Runaways” stunt performer Lexter Santana explain their experience with Marvel within the MCU and what to expect in the future.
In February 2018, the hit-Netflix show “The Punisher” was canceled due to lack of communication between Netflix and Disney.
“Netflix and Disney obviously don’t agree on how much money they owe each other or what they want to do with do with property,” stunt coordinator Eric Linden said. “Now basically Marvel and Disney [have] to wait two years.”
“Rumor has it that [Disney] will [take] all of the shows that Marvel owns, that are kind of R rated,” and “the plan is to dump [them] onto Hulu,” Linden said.
Linden hopes that Disney decides to renew “The Punisher” on Hulu.
“So fingers crossed, they decide to do ‘The Punisher’ on Hulu. I would definitely want to be part of it. I know [Jon Bernthal, the man who plays Frank Castle AKA The Punisher] would want to be a part of it too,” Linden said.
Actress Emma Fuhrmann was in the record shattering movie, Avengers: Endgame.
She played the older version of Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie Lang, Abby Ryder Fortson played the younger version.
Fuhrmann said that she would drop every project she’s working on at the moment to play Cassie Lang again.
“I think Cassie has a great future in the MCU,” Fuhrmann said.
Fuhrmann also talked about the future of Ant-Man in the MCU.
“I know first hand how hard it is but Marvel is very top-secret so I can neither confirm or deny any future of Ant-Man. All I can say is Marvel is always up to something and I would love to be a part of whatever it is,” Fuhrmann said.
Actress Lexi Rabe was in the highest grossing movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Rabe played the role of Morgan Stark, the daughter of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper Potts.
“I would love to work with RDJ again. He was fun,” Rabe said.
Morgan Stark fans from the internet have theorized that Morgan Stark could come back to play a major role in the near future of the MCU.
“Yes [I would love to return to play Morgan Stark.] Dream come true,” Rabe said.
Stuntman Santana is a part of the Hulu/Marvel TV show, “Marvel’s Runaways”. He also aspires to be an actor in the MCU and to play the character of Miles Morales alongside Tom Holland.
The character Miles Morales was originally published in 2011 and in the last few years was the main character in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.
Miles Morales is a mix of Black and Latino ethnicities and Santana thinks if he ever got the role he could use this to his advantage. “He can all of a sudden switch over to like Spanish and just playing to those mannerisms [could be used to my advantage],” said Santana.
With the future of the MCU remaining a mystery, Marvel Studios has announced a few upcoming projects at D23 (a Disney expo event to promote or announce upcoming projects) and San Diego Comic Con.
One of these upcoming projects is “The Falcon and Winter Soldier” being released on Disney+, the company’s new streaming service featuring exclusively Disney content.
DaSilva has been the stunt performer for the Falcon since Captain America: The Winter Soldier released in 2014. The Falcon is played by Anothony Mackie.
Marvel makes sure no secrets are leaked, and in this case it includes DaSilva’s involvement in this upcoming TV show.
“I cannot confirm or deny my involvement on [‘The Falcon and Winter Soldier’ series],” DaSilva said. “[But] I had a lot of fun working on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”
Fans and actors alike don’t know the specifics of what is going to happen in the future of the MCU, but they do have that little sliver of information in their mind that the fans don’t know. As Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said in almost all of Spidey’s origin stories, “With great power [or in this case knowledge] comes great responsibility.”