Summer Concert Sundaes return to Souderton Park

Concert Sundaes is 10 weeks of concerts held on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. during the summer at Souderton Borough Community Park. The first concert for this summer is on June 27.

It’s not just music and entertainment that concert attendees will get at this summer’s Sundae Funday outdoor concerts at Souderton Borough Community Park. Concert goes will also be served ice cream by a different volunteer group each week for.
“You can get an ice cream sundae or an ice cream cone that is served by volunteers that come and serve the food right at the concert, hence the name “Concert Sundae,” committee member Drew Johnson said.
During the event, people usually bring blankets, lawn chairs, get refreshments, food, and ice cream.
According to committee member Jon Leight, up to 9,000 people can attend. People bring their whole family, and some even bring their dogs. Every year they usually have fireworks that sync up with the music, but this year they won’t be taking place due to crowd restrictions.
Concert Sundaes will be making sure to observe the CDC guidelines so everyone stays safe.
Throughout the summer’s performances, there’s not just one type of music that will be being played.
“There’s band music, classic rock, brass group, bluegrass, tribute bands, classical and ethnic music groups…a whole variety,” Leight said.
Johnson appreciates the wide range of performances at Concert Sundaes.
“It’s neat to have a variety of different bands and musicians that come each and every week. You never quite know what you’re going to get, but it’s always good music,” Johnson said.
The first band that will be performing for Concert Sundaes this year is the Allentown Band, which is America’s oldest civilian band.
This year will be the band’s 29th year performing at the event. Band director Deborah Heiney says the audience is always “very appreciative” of the group and the songs they play.
“The best part is getting to share our music with a great audience,” Heiney said.
Another band that will be performing is High Noon, a southern rock band with seven members. They’ll perform on August 22.
High Noon is very excited about Concert Sundaes.
“It’s a big event, lots of people come to it, it’s a great park, and it should be a great experience for a bunch of local people to see High Noon play,” manager and lead guitarist Scott Stephens said.
This year will be their first time, but they’re looking forward to the warm mood.
“It’s just great to be out playing on a nice summer evening. There’s nothing like playing music in that atmosphere,” Stephens said.
Some other bands that will perform this summer are the 78th Army band, who are premiere ambassadors, and the Joseph A. Ferko String Band, which is the most successful division of premiere bands in the history of the mummers.
All types of people go to these summer concerts, no matter their age.
Many people agree that it is great to be able to experience local concerts for free in Souderton.
“I don’t think enough people go to concerts, and here we have the best right out here in the suburbs,” Leight said.