Traversing Trader Joe’s

There are endless options in the aisles of the adored grocery store Trader Joe’s. Navigating the items can be a doozy; here are the best products from a Trader Joe’s enthusiast and foodie.


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The go-to grocery store that everyone loves: Trader Joe’s. Products range from house plants, to top-notch groceries to personal hygiene items. Within the crowded store, dreams have the potential to come true. Below are the best products to add to a shopping list.
Going to Trader Joes is a profoundly amazing experience. This experience cannot simply be accomplished without getting a house plant along the way. The store provides an array of potted house plants as well as flowers, that can fit to anyone’s liking.
One can never go wrong with the classic favorites from Trader Joe’s. The 10 out of 10 foods are surely the dark chocolate peanut butter cups, the cauliflower gnocchi, any Everything But The Bagel Seasoning product, cold brew coffee and boba coconut non-dairy ice cream.
In a search for something savory, try the rolled chili and lime flavored corn tortilla chips.
Heat up meals are perfect for quick lunches and dinners, so pick up the mandarin chicken, the gluten free mac and cheese or the butter chicken.
It’s nearly impossible to miss the sweets that the store has to offer. Stop by the frozen aisle to pick up any flavor of mochi, a chewy rice flour and ice cream dessert or the famous cookie butter ice cream. For a more candy feel, try the Scandanavian swimmer gummies or the licorice twists. Honorable mentions include the mini mint ice cream sandwiches and sea salt caramels.
Dips, dips and more dips. Trader Joe’s has a spread of options when it comes to dips. For an earthy taste, go for the green goddess dip. For a rich and tasty flavor, try the caramelized onion dip. My top choice is the white bean and basil hummus, perfect to pair with pita.
To jazz up a meal, Trader Joe’s offers several options of sauces, spices and additional products to add tasteful flavors to foods.
A personal favorite for Asian cuisine meals is the coconut aminos seasoning, which is a great substitute for soy sauce. Branch out and try the mushroom & company multi purpose umami seasoning blend for a prime flavor to any meal. Their new specialty sauce called magnifi sauce is a magnificent blend of condiments that are extraordinary with french fries or any food for that matter.
Trader Joe’s also offers hygiene and self-care products that are essentials to each day. The favorites include the dry shampoo, the ultra hydrating gel moisturizer, the coconut body butter and the lavender salt scrub.
The reason why TJ’s is a great store to purchase food before an event or gathering is because they sell quality sophisticated products.
The best gourmet choices for a fancy gathering would have to be the sparkling lemonade, brie cheese, a baguette and a chocolate ganache cake.
Other fan favorites include the salted almond butter, and Joe-Joe cookies, which are a must-have in the house.
Trader Joe’s has quite spectacular original products that can be consumed for any and all occasions.