Teachers, students alike find new hobbies, keep busy

To stay busy during shelter-in-place, many students and teachers have started to pick up new and old hobbies while at home.

Finding new ways to keep busy, students and teachers have been starting hobbies while staying at home during quarantine.
According to science teacher Louis Yanni, his hobby of learning Chinese has “provided [him] something to do that wasn’t entertainment.”
Yanni said that he began learning before quarantine. After quarantine ends, Yanni said that he is planning on continuing his education but “would like to use [his] language skills with native Chinese speakers.”
Like Yanni, junior Carter Wilson is also continuing his hobbies of making jams and jellies. While he had started before quarantine, Wilson has more time for it now.
Wilson said that this hobby has helped him keep busy. “I’ve always liked being in the kitchen and it gave me an excuse to do something,” Wilson said.
Although the activity is done solo, it can involve family members for a family activity. According to Wilson, his family helps out in small ways.
Wilson’s hobby has been going on daily but he said that he would like to start the hobby again.
“At first, it was an everyday thing because we had all the ingredients but now I’m hoping to do it again once we eat a lot of the stuff I’ve already made,” Wilson said.
The daily scheduling was echoed by sophomore Rachel Gat, whose hobby has been creating and editing videos.
“I’ve taken up editing videos and dancing just to be silly,” Gat said. “It’s actually quite fun because no one else is outside to disturb me dancing in the middle of the woods.”
According to Gat, this new free time has helped her to grow the skill and focus more on the hobby. Gat said that she makes videos when “inspiration strikes [her], so maybe twice a week at most.”
According to Gat, this hobby is usually a solo project but she does participate in activities with her family such as “playing Uno and shooting one another with Nerf guns.”
“It’s helped me to keep me motivated and my spirits high, as well as just keeping me busy,” Gat said.
Freshman Saige Ross is able to take part in her hobby of sketching and painting every day.
Art has helped Ross connect with her sister, Kutztown University student Hannah Ross since “art as a natural talent runs in [their] family.”
“Since she has moved out, we decided to pass a sketchbook back and forth every time she visits,” Ross said.
After quarantine ends, Ross said that she is going to continue drawing and harnessing her talent as an artist.
“I plan to try my best to keep art a consistent thing for me so I can improve faster,” Ross said.