Why minor league games are better than professional games

With rising ticket prices and poor performances many people are choosing to attend more minor league games than professional level games.

The last time I was at a Flyers game, the tickets cost over $80 each complete with a bad view of the ice sitting in the upper level. In addition to that, the Flyers played horribly and lost the game 5-2 to the Columbus Blue Jackets.
This is why minor league games are better to attend than professional league games because minor league teams do a better job of creating fan experiences and by keeping fans engaged. Also you to see the teams top rookies and prospects play hard trying to make the pros, and they’re a lot cheaper to go to than professional games.
One example of a minor league team that entertains the fans by keeping them engaged and by creating great fan experiences are the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.
At Phantoms games you can do so many things you can take a ride on the zamboni, stand in the high five tunnel and high five the players as they walk out on the ice, and you can sit on the Phantoms bench during pregame warmups.
The Phantoms also energize the crowd through their PA announcer, Joe Wowk. He fires up the crowd before and during each game.
He does this by getting fans to cheer as loud as they can for the Phantoms starting lineup, then he gets the crowd to boo the opposing team as loud as they can when they take the ice. Then during the game when announces a goal he will get the crowd to yell really loud “GOAL!”
Another reason why minor league games are better is because you get to watch the top rookies and prospects play hard as they try to make it the pros.
And since they have so many young prospects and rookies it creates entertaining games watching them play hard trying to make it.
This year Lehigh Valley IronPigs fans had the pleasure to watch some of the Phillies top prospects and players playing hard to try to make the pros. Some of these players were Damon Jones, Cole Irvin, JD Hammer, Enyel De Los Santos, Adam Haseley, Nick Williams and Maikel Franco.
For Phantoms fans this year, they will have the pleasure of watching some of the Flyers’ young prospects like Joel Farabee, Carsen Twarynski, Morgan Frost, Felix Sandstrom, Isaac Ratcliffe, German Rubstov, and Mikhail Vorobyev.
And you get to watch this all for really cheap. It costs much less to go see a minor league game than a professional level game.
For example, to go see a Flyers or Phillies game parking alone costs $20 but for teams like the Phantoms and IronPigs parking is only $5 for the IronPigs and $6 for the Phantoms.
Also the tickets are much cheaper, for the Flyers tickets may well be above $90 for upper level seats with not such a great view. But for the Phantoms upper level tickets are only like $10 a ticket and for lower level seats their only around $20 a ticket and for that price you can find seats that are only a few rows back behind the glass.
It’s because of these reasons that minor league games are better to attend than professional league games.