Love languages: unlocking the secret to valentine’s day gift giving

Consider your partner’s love language this year when facing the decision of how to express your love on Valentine’s day. Gift giving can be made simple when focusing on how your partner best enjoys feeling loved.


Cracking the code… sophomore Julia Vizza carefully considers how her boyfriend would feel most cared for on Valentine’s day. Vizza plans to combine as many love languages as possible into her gift.

While trying to demonstrate their love for their significant other, the annual February tradition of the Valentine’s Day gift exchange may present a challenge for some this year.
However, romantic gift giving can be made simple when observing the concept of love languages. While shopping for your significant other, or even just a friend, it is important to consider how they best communicate their own love.
Love languages are a phenomenon from Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.”
The five love languages are touch, quality time, gifts, words of affirmation and acts of service.
Even if your partner’s love language isn’t gifts, it is still possible to keep their language in mind while giving them a gift.
For example, if your giftee’s love language consists of acts of service, a thoughtful gift may be cooking a meal for them or making a playlist of their favorite music for them.
With acts of service, it is important that the intent behind this sort of gift is making their life easier. Taking something off their schedule or bringing ease to their day is key.
Giving quality time is common, so try to make it extra special for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps turn your phone off for the duration of your time together and put your focus completely on them. Try to plan an activity like a hike or movie night in which you can spend time focusing on each other.
For words of affirmation, a hand written card filled with meaningful words can make your partner feel special. Write it thoughtfully and use it as it is meant to be used: an opportunity to communicate to your partner what may be too cheesy to stay out loud. Don’t be afraid to be sappy, it’s Valentine’s Day!
With touch, consider giving your partner a massage or holding their hand while watching a movie. This may not be given as a gift, but it will likely be well received. Something as thoughtful as a head rub, back scratch, or a hand massage could be considered incredibly thoughtful. Gift certificates to a manicure or partner yoga could be a more financially indulgent option.
Having a partner whose love language is gifting could be considered the easiest to plan for during the commercialized holiday. A classic Valentine’s Day gift, such as a chocolate box or teddy bear is an easy way to go to express your love. You also have the option to do something more personal. Consider something your partner has been wanting, but doesn’t view as a necessity. Valentine’s Day gifts are about wants, not needs; about luxury over practicality.
Something like a custom wallet, belt, or jewelry can express the thoughtfulness of your love towards this person.
Valentine’s Day is about indulging in your love for your partner. It never hurts to give in more languages than just your partner’s. Valentine’s Day is for spending time with your partner to recognize the strength of your love and what it means to you.