Fall play productions provide opportunity

This year, the fall play consists of three one-act plays in hopes to give opportunity to new participants.

By organizing the fall production into three different one-act shows, actors are given more opportunity to showcase their abilities. The shows are called Super Heroes, Super Scary, and A Seuissified Christmas Carol.
Director Lori Maxwell has directed shows at Souderton for 18 years. This year Maxwell wanted everyone who auditioned to be involved.
“This year I thought if we did three one-acts I could have a lot of people in them,” Maxwell said.
Maxwell strived to choose shows with diverse themes. Super Heroes follows Marvel and DC characters as they go through their lives outside of their work. Super Scary is a mixture of three scary stories. A Seussified Christmas Carol is ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, but with a Dr. Seuss twist. The shows will be performed on November 8 and 9.
According to senior Avery Gallagher, having three different shows can create a great learning experience for inexperienced actors.
“I think having three differet shows provides a lot of opportunity for people who don’t usually get roles to kind of step into the spotlight and grow into acting more,” Gallagher said.
Gallagher plays Yorma, an interviewer for the Avengers in the Super Heroes show and she has the role of a narrator for A Seussified Christmas Carol. Gallagher says “the best way to learn is by experience.” She has been acting since third grade and has participated in two Fall play productions and has been actively involved in Souderton theater.
One of Maxwell’s favorite things about directing at Souderton is seeing the connection between the participants. Having three different shows this year is special and brings the participants together.
“I like seeing when everybody comes together and when it’s kids from all different areas of the school that are involved in other activities,” Maxwell said.
Gallagher agrees and feels that the Fall play is “definitely a family vibe.”
“Even this year I’ve met so many new people that I just love and you essentially get cultivate a piece of art with people that you love and it’s a great way to meet people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Gallaher said.
Senior Nick Gonce is also very involved in theater at Souderton. For Super Heroes, Gonce plays Hawkeye who is an Avenger. He has the role of Stingy Jack in Super Scary and he plays Scrooge in The Seussified Christmas Carol.
Gonce feels that having three different plays is “incredibly unique” and can showcase the talents of the participants.
“It tests my acting abilities to play three different characters,” Gonce said.
Maxwell has been directing both Gallagher and Gonce for four years and part of what she values from directing is watching people grow as actors.
“It’s nice to see how much they’ve developed at the time they’ve been at the high school,” Maxwell said.
As it is Gallagher and Gonce’s last year acting at Souderton, Gallagher describes it as “bitter-sweet.”
“Although it does make me extremely happy to be doing what I love, it is the last and final time that I will be able to do this,” Gallagher said.