High school uses new screens in classrooms

Replacing Promethean Boards and other projectors, the high school switches to Samsung TVs and ViewSonic boards as a new projection method.
According to staff developer Susan Van Saun, “It’s a way for teachers to project their computers for information for students, and for the ViewSonic it’s also a way to provide some interactive components.”
ViewSonic boards are being implemented in science and math classrooms, and Samsung TVs are placed in others.
“There’s a bunch of features in the ViewSonic like screencasting and tools to help students engage in the lesson,” Van Saun said.
ViewSonic boards will not be the only ones to have interactive components.
“Some of the Samsung TV classrooms are also getting ScreenBeam. ScreenBeam is a tool that allows teachers and students to communicate with each other.”
According to Van Saun, the new screens will be more visible to students, so teachers will no longer have to dim the lights or close the shades.
Van Saun also believes that the boards will help increase student-teacher interactions, but “good old fashioned hand raising is a great way to interact as well.”