Fashionable changes from home

Some people at home in quarantine are deciding to change up their hair, whether it’s out of boredom or necessity. People are cutting their hair and dying it.

Many people are unsure of what they should do with their time at home. While some people decide to take up new hobbies, watch TV or go outside on walks others are more spontaneous.
“[The hair dye has] just been sitting in my house and I’ve been wanting to do it forever,” sophomore Halle Grubb said.
Grubb decided to dye her hair seafoam green. She believes “it came out great.”
While Grubb was dying her own hair junior Laura Stanell was cutting her family’s hair.
“I guess [my family came to me] because I was willing to cut their hair, and I knew there was a possibility that I could mess it up but knew that we would probably still be in quarantine by the time it grew out,” Stanell said.
“I was scared at first because I had never cut anybody’s hair before except for a dolls hair, and I wanted it to look good because I wanted to make them happy,” Stanell said.
Stanell wasn’t the only one that felt nervous. “I was scared that I would mess it up,” New Hope-Solebury High School junior Jazilynn Haley.
Haley cut her own hair at home, which was a major change in her life. “I’ve always had my hair long throughout my life and wanted it short for a while,” Haley said.
She had a reason to feel nervous. For Wale Paupack High School sophomore Sarah Deckinger, she wishes that her hair was a little longer after she cut it.
“I’m impulsive and kind of just felt like it,” Deckinger said, “it was also really dead.”
Not everyone that is cutting their hair at home is doing it out of boredom or impulsively. Sophomore Ava Blon just needed a trim.
Blon wasn’t as scared because she wasn’t the one holding the scissors. “ I don’t trust myself with scissors so my mom did it,” Blon said.
Blon didn’t actually want to cut her hair at home but she had no other choice. “It was kind of needed and my hair appointment got canceled due to COVID-19,” Blon said.
While everyone had their doubts and were all slightly nervous, Parkland High School sophomore Madeline Maloney was confident.
While she was at home she decided to bleach and dye her hair pink but this isn’t the first time.
Multiple times before she had both cut and dyed her hair. “I had short hair and it had blue highlights so I decided to dye my hair again,” Maloney said.