Girls basketball fields team despite pandemic

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the girls basketball team was able to play its season and make it to districts.


**She Shoots She Scores?…** *Attempting to score a point, senior Hayley Fenchel shoots a foul shot.* *Photo by Tommy Meehan*

The girls basketball team had to make many adjustments to adjust to COVID regulations in order to have a season. This included not being able to practice in person for the first couple of weeks as well as mask wearing.
“In the beginning we had tryouts and then we were shut down and then we were back and were shut down again” coach Lynn Carroll said. “It created some challenges we had never faced before.”
Like previous seasons, athletes had to compete in tryouts. This included choosing captains. The team’s three captains were seniors Jordan Zimmerman, Hayley Fenchel, and Olivia Schneider.
“I chose three people with confidence,” Carrol said.
After the roster was complete, the team was forced to do online practices.
According to Carrol, Zimmerman, Fenchel, and Schneider all, “rose to the occasion” and helped bring the team together.
According to Carroll, once players were able to get back to the gym and start practicing it was like they all clicked and a “strong bond” formed between these girls.
On court the girls were able to work together and practice as a team, but according to sophomore Casey Harter, the hardest part of this season due to COVID-19 was “definitely the fact that we can’t do things outside of playing basketball with our team like pasta parties and team bonding to get closer.”
Although the girls had time together on the court, the outside activities seemed to really interest them and give them time to bond outside of their sport.
According to Harter, the girls had a “difficult and unique” start to the season. How they got through it and kept a positive attitude was “just continuously working to get better every day and keeping a positive mindset.”
This year, the girls were able to make it to districts despite COVID-19 restrictions
“These girls have really impressed me and persevered through all of this. I’m just amazed at how far they have come. We are lucky to have had a season at all,” Carroll said.
For Harter, “The most exciting game would have to be North Penn because they are our rivals and we swept the series so we were all very excited about that.”