News Byte: Athletics department interviews student athletes on new podcast

To share student athlete’s experiences, the Souderton Athletics department created a podcast on January 12. The podcast focuses on the mental aspects of playing high school sports.

By interviewing student athletes on a podcast, the Souderton Athletics Department aims to share the experiences and mental components of playing sports at the high school this year.
According to Athletic Director Dennis Stanton, the podcast aims to let athletes tell about all different kinds of challenges and triumphs throughout their sports seasons.
“This podcast serves as a forum for student-athletes to share how they have battled through adversity in their athletic careers,” Stanton said.
Cross country and track captain Manny Rota-Talarico thinks that the podcast is a good experience and will help other students understand how the teams dealt with this “wild” year.
“I think it was a good idea [the podcast] for students to really hear how this year went, and all the challenges we faced so far,” Rota-Talarico said.
Rota-Talarico thinks it was a good idea to participate in the podcast because it allowed him to tell a lot of “super cool” stories.
The podcast is recorded over Microsoft teams and put out on different platforms like spotify.
“There’s not much too it,” Stanton said, “ but I wanted other student-athletes to learn from the experiences, successes and failures of our podcast guests. “