Guideline for best, worst hats on the market

With many different hat styles, some people prefer some hats over others for different reasons, whether it’s for protection from the sun, style, or a bad hair day.


***Blocking out the sun…**Wearing his bucket hat to a Phillies game, Joseph O’Connor is protecting his sun from the UV rays. While watching the Philadelphia Phillies play at Citizens Bank Park.* *Arrowhead Photo by Kylie O’Connor*

With a wide variety of hats produced nationwide, some people have different preferences such as a baseball cap (flat back and snap back), bucket hat, visors, beanies and many more.
Summer is creeping up, hats can become more popular due to the strength and brightness of the sun, and to protect people’s eyes and skin.
“In the summertime when I go to the beach or go fishing, I like to wear bucket hats. The bucket hat blocks my face and my neck from getting too sunburnt,” sophomore Kain Johnson said.
Some people also will tend to wear the same type of hat for most of the different seasons of the year.
According to senior Lonnie Nash, his favorite hat to wear in the spring, summer and fall stays the same. He likes to wear “any of his many snapback hats that he keeps in his closet.”
Some people believe that some hats are underrated, as some believe that some hats are overrated.
“I would say that the most underrated hat is probably the plain no text, no art, plain color baseball hat,” Johnson said. “I think it is overlooked by how plain it is, but in my opinion, I find them very nice and easy to match with outfits.”
Others find some other style hats to be underrated too.
“Definitely visors, it’s a hard hat to pull off but if you can it’s a great look. Very underrated,” hat enthusiast Corey Nase said.
Some people agree that flat brimmed baseball caps would be considered an overrated hat.
According to Johnson, the most overrated hat is the flat brim snapbacks, because people “see big artists wearing them and start to wear them.”
Some people wear hats more on a day-to-day basis than others.
“I usually wear hats everyday, aside from just the comfort aspect there are many different designs and colors that I like to match with my outfit for the day,” Johnson said.
Snapback and curved baseball caps are hats people will see very often, some prefer one over the other.
According to Telford resident Joseph O’Connor, he prefers the curved hats because it “fits better” on his head and it provides “better eyesight shade” from the sun.
Some others prefer the snapback hat.
“I prefer hats that have flat brims only because I feel like it shows more of my face,” Nash said. “It’s also a lot more visually appealing to me.”
Collecting hats is also something that some people do.
“I do personally collect hats,” Johnson said. “I have been collecting hats seriously since I was about 10 years old, so going on 9 years of collecting.”
Some hats can be relatively expensive, while others aren’t as much.
According to senior Jamie Presti, “Some are expensive, but it’s not difficult to find cheaper, cute ones.”