News Byte: Advanced Choir

By preparing a selection of music, the advanced choir participated in a choir invitational with other local choirs. They included a range of serious to comedic music.

To gain musical experience, the advanced choir participated in a choir invitational that is hosted by college professors from Temple and Lafayette.
“It’s a real feel good place to go,” Choir Director Teresa Washam said. They prepared three songs for the invitational, including: ‘Three Hugarian Folk Songs,’ a Russian folk song they sung in Russian, and ‘All Star.’
According to Washam, this is not the first time they have sung in another language.
“We always have songs in different languages,” Washam said.
For their final song, ‘All Star,’ they decided to act and use props, like stars, and acted throughout the song.
“Our final piece is something that really entertains the crowd,” Washam said.
Washam will be retiring next year and is leaving a note in her timeline for the next choir director to encourage them to go to the invitational.
“The students really enjoy going to this and they really benefit from this,” Washam said.